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2020-07-13 23:59:50 (UTC)

Indio Pro & Con

Pro and Con

1. Cares for me
2. Cares for my son
3. Is not physically abusive
4. My son likes him
5. He’s positive thinking most of the time
6. Has spunk
7. Great personality
8. Observant to my over thinking
9, Has sat in on my therapy sessions with the intention to help
10. Says I’m beautiful
11. Spiritual
12. Protective of his loved ones
13. Loving soul
14. Has great intentions
15. Very polite to others

1. Angry at me a lot
2. Called me an “ASS”
3. Has empty promises
4. Not really there for me like I am for him
5. Sex a lot of times is one sided
6. Says I think negative all the time
7. Doesn’t truly accept me for who I am
8. Is very insecure
9. Doesn’t trust me
10. Always looking for something to complain about or use against me
11. Refuses to deal with situations in his life he could focus on
12. Doesn’t hold a job
13. Does not truly show me I’m important
14. Belittles me quiet often
15. He’s selfish
16. I’m rarely happy sexually
17. He is using me
18. Never helped cook or clean

I gotta finish this later.......