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2020-07-13 13:45:08 (UTC)

1st published book opotunity

I took this weekend of from my mom and wife responsibilities. I was despreate for a break and I made it happen. Needless to say it felt very good not to cook or wash or do any house chores for that matter. I took my time in the shower, listening to audio books and watched my favorite t.v. show on netflix. I also went out to eat to a subway nearby.
Sometimes it is important to recharge my energies. It is so easy to forget to take care of yourself and this is what hapends.
I feel a lot better today even though my worked doubled I don't care it was so worth it. You might be wondering who fed my family well my husband took care of them for the weekend and my doughter was mostly at grandma's house it's nice not to be called every 5 minutes. And do what you love.
I also got a great oportunity to write a chapter in a best selling book that is called hab1t and am excited because this is an oportunity for me as a writter. I have always picture my self writting a lot of books when I retire or when my children are grown up. I desire that so much I write on my free time but is very rare to have that time without interruptions while running my business on line and running my home.
Any how I'm excited to see what the outcome will be.

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