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2020-07-13 11:22:11 (UTC)

school life

life is hard i know but that does not mean that you can bully people... My friend she got rejected by her crush and her crush 'friend' told the whole world on ig. I WAS LIKE WHAT????? things posted cant be taken DOWNNNN and NOW IT IS STUCK THEREEEE!!!! And now he had a crush have on my BESTFRIEND ! today he did not let me sit down and play with my chair and he always annoy my friend! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM!? he even told me he only annoy her and not other girl! MAYBE IS MINDSET IS OH THE MORE I ANNOY HER THE MORE SHE WILL LIKE ME!!! EXCUSE ME HIS RESULT SUCK EXCEPT FOR HIS ENGLISH THE REST IS A FAILLLL!!!! UGH!!!

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