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2020-07-12 19:33:13 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Words have a huge impact on our everyday lives. Words such as love and hate can impact a person forever. If I love you, it means...I would do anything for you and I would die for you. It means you are a very important person in my life and I hope you are forever part of my life. The second word is hate. Hate means you are dead to me and I never wanna talk to you again and I despise you. It also means, I wish nothing but bad on you. Now I have said love to people in many many ways. Mostly family, sometimes friends, and only a few times to girls. I really don't think I have ever said hate. I think I would remember if I did. My point is, be careful how you use words because they will have a lasting impact on your every day lives. Night all.