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UnDiscovered Girl
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2020-07-12 21:21:11 (UTC)

He's Back 😒

So, you know the guy that I use to like the one who has a pregnant girlfriend well, she's back and if she's back that means he's back and I wss right he is back. I wasn't to happy about him being back and I know he could tell. And yes I'm over him. Ivan. And I told him straight to his face that I don't like him and I think he got the hint. I made it very clear to him. He wass being very annoying that night that I had to close. I was so ready to go and to be off Saturday and Sunday.

I tried calling C yesterday but no call no nothing till later on that night. But I missed the first call. I answered the second one. Then we hung up and he called me again after that and texting me saying that "he's here for me". And that if, I want him to come over tomorrow for a few hours I played it off and said yea sure. But then he changed the time to 6:00 because he says he has a " busy day today". He has a busy day every day. I doubt we'll even hang out. We'll see and if, so it won't even be that long anyways. It never really is.

My period hasn't been coming on because I've been stressing, crying, and depressing over some guy who says he wants me but went back out with his girlfriend and barely texts me anymore because he's on night shift now at his job at Hyanda and doesn't get off till the morning. He keeps telling me that he likes me but I don't know. I mean he still went back out with his gf that they were on a break with and we had sex, kissed, ect.... He says he didn't forget me and isn't ignoring me but I told him that's what I feel like he's doing. I don't know what him and his 'girlfriend" got going on but I don't wanna be any part of it.

- A

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