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me and my life
2020-07-12 15:08:11 (UTC)

Really frustrating

Monku and I had an intense discussion yesterday. I may have instigated the topic because we both are lovers we cannot be normal this cannot be platonic. We ended up fighting. I can't believe he is still stuck with Bhopal thing. He still want us to go to Bhopal and get married. Also he thinks that it's our fault that we dint go to Bhopal and so wedding dint happen. Omg... And I still wanted him. Pls this is just giving me more assurity that I better move fucking move on. He is still talking in air nothing is concrete. I feel bad very very bad but i have to move on or else I'll end up fucking up my life more.
My throat is paining and I'm scared of covid as I go out very regular. God plsss bless me.
Monku I loved you true.