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2020-07-11 14:25:58 (UTC)

Star Butterfly: Marco's Birthday

Star Butterfly-Happy Birthday Marco
D’Arc Tangent

Everything was coming up Diaz today. As the morning sun shone through his window, Marco could not help but feel that today was his day. Sure, it was his eighteenth birthday, and a Saturday, and he was sure a milestone like this was going to marked by his family in some incredible way. He quietly knocked on Star’s door, checking to see if she was up yet, and when there was no answer, he opened the door a small crack to check on her. Star’s room was an eclectic mirror of her psyche. Bright colours and odd imagery, many from dimensions Marco has only glimpsed in passing with his four-year association with the princess of Mewni, but more than the colours, more than the imagery, even more than the huge four poster bed she slept on, what focused Marco’s attention was Star Butterfly herself. She was sleeping on her belly, atop her sheet, and she was naked. Her beautiful round, pale ass exposed. Her legs were slightly parted and the bright pink slit between her legs was clearly visible. Marco held his gaze far longer than he should have before he shut the door, leaned against the wall, and tried to calm his breath, and his erection, before he went down to breakfast.

“Marco!” his father called as Marco walked down the stair to the kitchen, “How’s Star this morning?”

“I, I don’t know!” Marco exclaimed, “I just came down. I didn’t look, see, I didn’t, haven’t, I have not seen here this morning, how would I know how she is doing?”

“Oooh Kaaay.” Mr. Diaz said, then, “So, how is the new MAN of the house?”

“I’m good dad. Just going to the Dojo to get some sparing in. Let Star know when she gets up, if she is still sleeping because I wouldn’t know, it’s not like I checked in on her or anything.” and then made a very quick exit from the house.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. It was only eight, but the sun was warm and bright, and there was a sense of accomplishment in the air. Marco felt like it was a day when anything could happen.

“Heeey, Marco.” a voice echoed from an alley about a block away from the Dojo, and Marco turned to see Janna standing in the alley, her head wrapped in the knitted hipster hat she always wore.

“Oh, hi Janna. Didn’t see you there.”

“I hear it’s your birthday.” she said.

“Yeah, uh well, yeah, it’s my eighteenth. You coming to my party tonight?”

“Wouldn’t miss it, but I think I will give you my present now.”

“You don’t really need to, y’know. I mean, thank you, but really, just having you at my party tonight …" and Janna moved toward him and put her finger on his lips to quiet him.

Taking his hand, Janna led him down the alley

“Uh, Janna, where are we going?”

“Sssh.” Janna said as she opened a door leading from the alley. As Marco’s eyes adjusted to the light, he could see a mattress on the floor, and candles were lit, and there were black out curtains over the windows. Marco moved deeper into the room, taking in everything that he could see, when in the stillness of the room, he heard the door close, then a click.

“Janna?” Marco said, “Uh, what’s going on here?” and as he turned to face his friend, Janna planted a kiss on his lips. Taking his face in her hands, her mouth open and craving him, she kissed him hard. Marco was surprised, but as her warm mouth covered his, and her hands slid from his face to the edge of his shirt, Marco gave in to the sensations and returned the kiss. He was barely cognizant of his shirt being lifted until Janna pulled away as she lifted it over his head. Marco reached for her hat, and she slapped his hand.

“The hat stays.” she said, as she shrugged out of her vest, then started to lift her shirt over her head. As her lacey pink bra became visible, Marco became even more aroused, both at the sight of Janna undressing before him, and the fact that she actually wore something pink. She undid her bra, and dropped it to the floor, then closed in on Marco again, he breasts pressed against his naked flesh as she began to undo his belt. Marco took her face in his hands, like she had done earlier, and kissed her hard, his tongue entering her mouth, and she accepted it without hesitation, opening her mouth to take him completely. As they kissed, Janna spoke into his mouth, “Take my pants off.” and Marco pulled back from her for a moment, looking at the devilish look in her dark eyes, as his pants fell around his ankles.

“What?” Marco asked.

“I want you to finish undressing me. I want your face, your mouth, down there as you do so.”

Marco Freed himself from his pants, then dropped to his knees before Janna, and undid the button on her khakis. He slowly pulled down the zipper. He pulled her pants down, seeing the tiny pink lace panties that barely covered her, and the wisps of soft brown hair between her legs. Janna balanced on Marco as she slipped out of her pants, then waited for him to repeat his actions with her panties, which he did.

Janna’s arousal was quite evident. Her pussy was wet, slick, and wanting, and his little purple head poked above the waistband of his shorts in response. Janna put her hand to the back of Marco’s head and pushed him into her pussy.

“Eat me Marco.” she groaned feeling his lips on her labia, and Marco opened his mouth, his tongue running up the slit between her legs. “Oh god yes, Marco, like that. Put your tongue in there. Do it.” Marco’s mouth worked on Janna’s pussy, his mouth opening, his tongue thrusting, and his thumbs spread her open further for him.

Janna’s heart was pounding in her chest, and she pushed him away.

“Stop, fuck, yeah, just, just stop. I need you in me Marco. I need you to fill me.”

“You want ...in you … me? You mean you want.”

“I want you to fuck me Marco. I want that Diaz cock inside me. Stand up Diaz.” and as Marco stood up, Janna dropped to her knees and pulled Marco’s shorts down, freeing him. She led him to the mattress, and sitting on the floor, near the makeshift bed, was a box of condoms. “Put this on Marco.” she said, as she handed him one of the foil packets. Marco opened the packed and removed the rubber ring, and slid it over his now very hard erection, and when he looked up, Janna was laying on the bed, her legs spread, waiting. “Take me, Marco Diaz. Take me here, and now.”

Marco moved to the bed, as Janna positioned herself to take him. He moved between her legs, spreading her wider to take his body between her legs, and slid his sheathed cocked into her slowly. Her juices coated his cock as he slid in, allowing him to push slowly and deeply into Janna. As he slid in, the sensation was incredible. The feeling of his head as it was taken by her was amazing and he pulled back slightly, which aroused him further, so he thrust in again, until he found the rhythm. Each thrust in pulled a gasp from Janna’s lips as she wrapped her legs around Marco’s body and lifted herself up as he pulled back, waiting for the next thrust, which was going deeper and deeper into her until she felt the slight pain as her virginity was taken from her, and she cried out in pain and ecstasy and held tighter to his body as he thrust harder and faster into her until they both cried out a gurgled moan of delight as they climax together.

Sweat covered their bodies which hummed from the pleasure as Marco pulled out, his cock slowly returning to normal as he pulled to condom off and tied it off

“God Marco, that was incredible.” Janna said as she rolled onto her side to look at him, impressed with how fit his body was, and how masterfully he used it on her, now it was her turn. As Marco lay next to her, Janna climbed atop his body, placing her vagina over his face as she took his cock in her hands and started to stroke it.

“What are you doing Janna?” Marco asked, but instead of replying, she continued to stroke his penis as she lowered her body closer to his face. Marco did not need any further explanation as he started to lick her pussy as his cock started to harden again. His tongue darted inside as Janna’s mouth started to cover his cock, and she sucked, and stroked the shaft, as Marco slid a finger into her pussy to coat it with her juices before sliding it into her ass.

Janna pulled away from his cock as he entered her, then smiled, and returned to the blowjob as his tongue caressed her clit and vagina, and he finger fucked her ass until he finally came for a second time, and Janna took his load in her mouth before releasing herself as well over Marco.

They each lay on their backs, breathing heavy, and basking in the sweet release of their sex when Marco suddenly sat up and said, “Shit! I got karate practice. Damn.” he exclaimed as he crawled off the mattress and reach for his clothes. “Janna, I am so sorry.” and he bent down to kiss her as she sat up, “This was awesome,” as he pulled on his underwear, “and I feel like a heel, leaving you like this,” and he kissed her again, but Janna just said, “Go, it’s alright Marco. It was great, but I’m not looking for a commitment.”

Marco kissed her again, and sighed deeply as he pulled away. “You are the best, and that...” and again he breathed deeply, and closed his eyes as he remembered making love to her, “That was the best birthday present ever.” and as he finished dressing and ran out the door, Janna whispered softly, “Oh, it’s not over yet Marco Diaz.” and started to get dressed herself.

Marco rushed into the Dojo, sweating and panting, the exertion not entirely due to his running to the Dojo. He rushed into the locker room, and realized he really needed a shower before he changed into his Gi. As the water washed over him, he could still smell Janna on his body, and the memory of how her body felt next to him, and on him, brought his erect ion back to life, and he had to turn the shower to cold so he could get dressed in his loose fitting Gi without anyone seeing his erection. When he was ready, he dressed and entered the Dojo.

“Marco!” Sensei called to him as he entered the room, “Come, spare with me. Now that you are a man, I want to see you fight like a man.”

The two faced off in the center of the Dojo, bowed, and commenced sparring. Like a battle between two titans, the Dojo students surrounded the area and watched the battle. Sensei was not holding back, and Marco had to up his game to win this match. He knew Sensei was treating him like a man, and Marco was going to give as good as got. The battle raged for over 30 minutes before Marco finally bested Sensei. Marco held his hand out to Sensei to help him up, and Sensei accepted his aid.

As he stood up, he lifted Marco’s hand into the air, and proclaimed to the whole Dojo, “Marco Diaz is a man. He has earned the respect of the Dojo. Treat him as such from this moment on.” and then Sensei grabbed him in a huge bear hug. “I am so proud of you my young student.”

Marco pulled away from Sensei, and bowed to him in respect, “Thank You Sensei. I will not let you down.” and then he returned to the showers, changed, and left, feeling even better about himself than he thought he could. He had been accepted into the circle of adulthood, and it made him insanely happy.

On the way home, Marco passed the building where he had met Janna, and he could not resist stopping by, but even though the door was still open, the room was empty. The candles were gone. The curtains were gone, even the mattress was done. Even the condom wrapper, and the used condom had been removed. It was as if the whole scenario was a fantasy to him now, but the memory still lingered, and Marco smiled as he left the building to go home.

Marco was heading from the downtown core where the Dojo was into the residential area where he lived when he received a text message.


The message was from his friend Jackie. He knew she was coming over tonight for his birthday, so this must have been something important, and he turned down her street, increasing his speed, concern crossing his mind. He turned down her street, and was soon outside Jackie house, a sprawling house in the more upscale area of town, and with trepidation, he approached her door, but before he could ring the bell, the door opened, and Jackie grabbed his hand and pulled him in, closing the door behind him as she said, “Good, you made it.”

“Wha … wassup Jackie?” Marco asked as she dragged him up the stairs, and he could glimpse her bare legs under the robe she was wearing. They reached the second floor and Jackie opened the door to her bedroom and pushed Marco in, leaning on the door as she closed it.

“Strip.” Jackie said.

“What?” Marco said as he looked at his friend, leaning against the door, blocking his exit, her short-cropped blonde hair flowing over the shoulder of the white, terry cloth robe she wore. It was tied with a sash around her waist, but still revealed her naked legs, and the cleavage of her ample breasts.

“Happy Birthday Marco.” she said, as she opened the robe and let it fall behind her as she walked toward him, naked, “Now, get those clothes off, or I will do it for you.”

Marco began to take his shirt off when Jackie was on her knees before him, undoing the belt on his pants and pulling them down, revealing his ever-expanding erection pushing through his underwear.

As Marco dropped his shirt to the floor, Jackie had his cock in her mouth, his shorts bundled under his sack as she stroked him, taking him deep inside her mouth. As she stroked him, she could gage his readiness. She could feel him getting stiffer and stiffer, and could tell by the twitching that he was getting ready, and she pulled back, a long string of saliva stretched between her lips and the purpled head. “Get on the bed.” she commanded, and Marco moved to the bed, laying atop the covers as Jackie joined him. She straddled his body, and leaned forward, her luscious breasts dangling before him. Marco reached up to fondle them, feeling how lusciously firm they were, and how her nipples were two pink pebbled in a sea of pale white flesh waiting for him. Jackie lowered her body, and her breasts were just inches from his mouth, and Marco lifted his head and took one in his mouth. His tongue flicked across the erect nipple and he was aware of Jackie taking his erection in her hand and inserting it into her slick vagina. She did not thrust it in immediately, instead she used it to tease her clit, her breathing becoming ragged as she did, and Marco tried to alternate between breasts, sucking each one while fondling the other. Jackie would move his tip between her clit and her vagina, probing herself with the tip, feeling it twitch each time she ran it through the slickness between her legs.

“Fuck Jackie, let me in you.” Marco pleaded as she continued to tease his cock.

“You like this, Marco?” she asked, smiling at him, her face framed in blonde curls.

“I … I can’t hold on any longer.” he gasped, “Please, I need to be in you, Jackie, for the love of God, let me in.”

Jackie moved his penis into her, sliding her body down his shaft, and she leaned back, her back arcing, her breasts thrusting forward, as she grabbed his shins for support, and she moved her hips up and down on his shaft, as Marco grabbed for her breasts, pinching the nipples as Jackie caressed his cock, moving up and down until Marco finally sat up, grabbing Jackie around the waist and holding her to him as he emptied himself into her. Jackie could feel his cock twitching inside her as he continued to spurt into her, then she felt the exquisite sensation of his cock sliding out, his seed flowing out with it, dripping over his sack, his underwear, and her bed.

“Shit! We didn’t use protection!” Marco shouted, and Jackie just put two fingers to his lips.

“I’ve been on the pill since my first period Marco, we are reasonably safe.” Jackie said, then removing her fingers, she kissed him. “Happy Birthday, Mister Diaz.” she said, then snuggled next to him on the bed. Jackie traced lines across Marco’s chest, tickling the little hairs. “Did you like that Marco?”

“It was even better than …" and Marco stopped for a moment, then said, “Anything. It was the best present Jackie.” he said, and kissed her tenderly as she propped herself on her elbow and looked into his eyes.

“I wanted your eighteenth birthday to be memorable.” she said, then added, “but I think we need to take a shower. We are both kinda sticky.” and she rolled out of bed, and motioned Marco to follow her.

In her ensuite, Jackie prepared the shower, and Marco watched as she was bent over the tub, fiddling with the taps, her cheeks spread, and the bright pink slit exposed, still slick with her juices, then she straightened and said, “Shower’s ready.” and stepped in, holding out her hand.

The water was warm and soothing. Marco could feel the jets spraying him, and Jackie’s hands as they soaped up his chest, and his arms. He opened his eyes to see her staring at him, smiling, then she kissed him. He felt the cloth in her hand washing his penis, and his scrotum, and he could feel her breasts pressed against his chest. He poured shampoo into his hand and washed her hair as they kissed, and enjoyed each other's touching as they washed each other, cleaning the remnants of their sex off their bodies. When they finished, Marco dressed as Jackie blow dried her hair, then, slipping her robe back on, she walked him to the door.

“So, are we a thing now, Jackie?” Marco asked.

She cupped his cheek with her hand, and smiled, and said, “No Marco. We needed this. We needed closure, or we both would have wondered the rest of our lives what it would have been like. No, you are for Star. I see that now. I am grateful for today, and for you, but this will never happen again. Are you alright with that?”

Marco stared at her for a moment, dumbfounded, then as realization set in, he smiled, hugged Jackie, and gave her a hard, passionate kiss, then pulled away and said, “Thank you Jackie. Thank you. This was, in fact, the best birthday present I could ever have received.”

“I am glad Marco, now go. You have a woman waiting for you with the rest of your birthday present.” and she gave him a gentle, loving kiss, patted his cheek, then closed the door.

Marco rushed home. The realization of what was happening making him erect again, and he could not wait to see what the rest of the day had in store for him. As he entered his house, his parents and little sister were busy decorating the house for his party.

“Marco!” his father called, “Happy birthday. Star wants to see you.”

“I know!” he called as he passed directly to the stairs leading up to the bedrooms on the second floor. He flung open Star’s bedroom door, not bothering to knock. “STAR!” he called out, and the door suddenly shut behind him. “Star?” he called again, this time more of a whisper. The room went dark, then a thousand points of light started to glow around the room, as if a whole hive of fireflies suddenly burst into the room, and in the shiny glow, he could make out the image of Star Butterfly, floating in the air, wand raised, and eyes glowing.

“Marco Diaz!” her voice echoed throughout the room, reverberating off the walls and the lights shimmered for a moment, then suddenly black tendrils of energy erupted from the wall, grabbing Marco by the wrists and ankles, and pulled him to the wall, holding him tight against the solid surface as Star floated to the ground before him. “Did you have a good morning?” she said as she paced before him.

“I. I just went to the Dojo.” he said.

“Just went to the Dojo?” she asked, her head bent down as she continued to pace back and forth in front of Marco, “Nothing else?”

“Well.” and Marco was not sure what was happening, or how much Star knew, or even suspected, so decided some probing responses might benefit him, “I, I ran into Janna on my way to the Dojo.”

“You, ran,” she said, pausing, “into Janna. You ran INTO Janna.” and Marco was beginning to suspect Star knew more about today than she was letting on, and that coming clean was his only hope of getting out of this alive.

“I had sex with Janna. She stopped me on the way to the Dojo, and said she wanted to give me a present. I told her to bring it to the party tonight, but she insisted on giving it to me in person, then before I knew it we were having sex. I am sorry Star. I didn’t plan it, and I should have said no, but my head was all screwed up. I’m sorry Star, it didn’t really mean anything, honest.”

“And Jackie?” she asked, and Marco was beginning to see a pattern here.

“Jackie wanted to make sure there was nothing lingering between us. She said she wanted closure. She said YOU were the one for me, and I see that now Star. YOU. It has always been you Star, you have to believe me.”

The lights suddenly came back on, and the fireflies all disappeared, and Star looked straight at Marco.

“Oh, I believe you.” she said, “This was MY present to you. Well, all of us, actually.” she continued. “We all knew you had feelings, to some extent, for all of us, and I needed to be sure you were fully committed to me. We knew you only has a passing infatuation with Janna, so we let her go first. Was she good?”

Marco’s head was spinning from this revelation, and he was not really sure how much truth he should divulge, so said, “Hard to say. She was the first. I really could not say how good it was as I do not have a benchmark.”

“And Jackie?” Star asked.

“Different. Oddly, more aggressive than Janna, who would have thought, but I guess she was OK.”

“Do you want to try again, see if she is better a second time?”

“Oh hell no. It was nice, but I don’t think she is for me Star. I only want to be with you.”

“How do you know?” Star asked, “You haven’t been with me. How will I measure to those two?”

“There is one way to find out.” Marco gave her a sly grin, but then quickly added, “When I was with them, though I never would have said anything to them, I was only thinking of you. Would you like it if I did this. Would that work on you. For some reason, with Janna and Jackie, it was just sex, it wasn’t love.”

Star turned her back on Marco for a moment, and suddenly the tendrils were gone, and Marco fell to the floor. As he stood up, Star threw herself at him, embracing him in a hug, then kissed him, hot. Hard. Full of passion. As she hugged him, Marco undid the button on the back of her dress.

“Marco?” She said, “What are you doing?” but in response, all Marco did was pull the sleeves over her shoulder, letting her dress fall to the floor. “Oh.” she said, as she stood there in her white bra, panties, and rainbow socks.

Marco closed the distance, and dropped to his knees, and pulled down Star’s panties. He opened up her vagina, pushing two fingers into her as his thumb caressed her clit.

“Fuck Marco, where did you learn that?”

“Sssh.” Marco said, then pulling his fingers out, he slid his tongue inside her, and Star hugged his head to her so he wouldn’t stop. Marco reach around Star, and held her body as he lifted her petite frame up and moved her to the bed. He threw her onto the large four poster bed, and started to undress. Star watched him as he started to take his clothes off, and she undid her bra, and tossed it to the floor as she watched Marco’s toned body being exposed layer by layer until he was naked before her, and his erection was evident.

Star got onto her hands and knees, and presented her bottom to Marco, who climbed onto the bed to join her. He ran his fingers along her slit, feeling how wet and slick she was, and inserted his finger into her pussy again, coating himself with her juices, he then thrust the finger into her puckered hole.

“Holy shit!” Star cried out as she felt his finger deep inside her, then pressed her ass back on his finger, driving him deeper into her. Marco continued to finger-fuck her ass, as he looked around the room, when star waved her wand and a drawer opened, and a box of condoms floated across the room. “I’m not on the pill.” she said, “and I don’t even know if earth medicine will work on a Mewnian. Wear this.” and Marco slipped the rubber over his cock, and still fingering her ass, thrust his shaft, balls deep, into her. “Oh my fucking god!” Star cried out again, “If I knew it was this good, I wouldn’t have waited so long. Go deeper Marco. Plow me. Do it!”

Marco thrust hard, then pulled back, and rammed his cock into her again, harder, deeper, and duplicated the action with his finger each time pushing harder and deeper into Star until she put her head down and bit the pillow trying to muffle the scream rising in her throat. Tears stared to fall from her eyes and finally she could fill herself being filled with Marco. It was a warm feeling, expanding in her, and she just let herself fall forward, splayed out on the bed,

Star flipped over to her back, her breasts coated in sweat, her legs spread, hair plastered to her face, her breathing ragged. “Again Marco.” she croaked out, “Fuck me again. I want that again and again. Don’t ever stop.”

Marco slipped the condom off, and picked another out of the box. Surprisingly, his erection was still firm, so he put the condom on, and lifted Star’s legs over his shoulder, and entered her again. He cupped her ass in his palms, and held her as he thrusted again, and again. It took longer to reach orgasm, which satisfied Star just fine as she started to leak her juices all over, slicking Marco’s cock until he finally released a second time.

Star was spent. Even if she wanted to go again, she was played out. Her legs were weak, and she was so terribly sore, so she and Marco just moved to a drier spot on the bed and cuddled, drifting off into sleep feeling each other's warm body pressed to them, smelling their musk, and hearing their breathing as darkness filled their minds until a knock on the door alerted them to the party that was about to start.

As Star stretched the tightness out of her body, she leaned over to Marco, and kissed him.

“Happy Birthday Marco.” to which Marco could only smile, and kiss her back, saying, “Best Birthday EVER.”