deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2020-07-11 14:16:15 (UTC)

Fulfilled - Adendum added

My gutter slut, you have no equal. you consistently make the time to pamper your Master and yesterday was no different. your patience in waiting naked for me and then your ardor in passionately submitting your body and soul to Me were exquisite! you knew My mindset and as the heat preceded the blows and the grasp, your cunt yielded to Me as I took you from behind. The rhythm of O/our bodies matched the chorus of O/our moans and you know My cock exploded during the brutal rape that you begged for. Once again W/we consummated the bond and you cried out that “NO ONE does to you what I do”. This is the special place that we go to. Again and again

Once again our visit was simply exquisite. The week i had was very trying and on top of that it was "my time of the month" and You were more than patient with both issues. You didn't even ask for or demand any oral pleasing during the week and believe me i recognized that fact and when Friday rolled around, the week was over, and i was "normal" again i couldn't wait to be with You and do whatever it took to bring You to ecstacy. You did the same for me, which was a hoped for but not always expected side benefit.
On a side note the project at the condo went without a hitch yesterday. It took the 3 of them 3 1/4 hours to complete the entire installation. The three were young men, i'd guess two were 30-ish and the third mid 20s and OHHH SOOO cute :) They worked very hard and were ultra attentive and respectful. It was a very humid day with a few passing heavy downpours. When they looked to be in the final stages of the project i ran to the corner store and bought some cold beer to give them. i found it amazing what a few bottles of cold beer will do to bring a smile to the face of a handsome, young, and very sweaty man! :-)
i spent a quiet evening alone here, grilled some chicken that i had marinated on Thursday when i arrived and had a spinach salad to accompany it along with a few glasses of wine. i took a shower after dinner, watched some tv for awhile and retreated to bed around 10:30 where my thoughts wandered and my fingers soon followed. Thoughts of You on Friday ran through my mind and i enjoyed a second wave of rapture with You doing Masterly things to me, and me returning the favors. :-)
i love You with all my heart.
Forever Yours,

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