Carrie notes
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2020-07-11 01:55:59 (UTC)


Update on the payee switch:
My aunt got the letter from social security today. Go figure she gets it the day after my birthday. But it sure pissed her off the way social security worded it! She called to see what I had told the new payee since they told her the change was being made in my best interest.
Keep in mind I have been diagnosed as having a mild case of bipolar. But to hear my aunt tell it I'm dalusional and need to be in a mental hospital! Oh and I am supposed to forgive her because she needs hip surgery!
This coming from a woman who when I asked her for groceries or money to go get groceries she stated that she used what was left of my money to pay her bills. Wow my aunt really cares! Not!
Anyway my aunt now knows by Agust she will no longer be my payee. Before the phone call ended she was going to make out the checks for my bills and send them to my new payee. Of course I didn't say anything to her but I started to wonder if that was legal.
Since my ever loving aunt called while I was waiting on my care giver to show up I just kept my mouth shut and when the care giver got here I told her we needed to let the new payee know what my aunt said. Let's just say I won't be dealing with my aunt anymore

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