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2020-07-09 21:06:45 (UTC)

Madison x Andrea x Brisa x Alex x Violeta x Nina Part 1:

Madison = Victim
Alexandra = Victim
Brisa = Victim
Andrea = Victim
Violeta = Victim
Nina = Bully
From the Morales Sisters TV show

Relationship: Enemies and friends:
09-07-2020: The sisters reunited to Madison:
Madison: Umm okay ms Cassie. My name is Madison, and I was born in Shoreditch in London.
Ms Cassie: Hi Madison, welcome to my class, because ms Esmeralda is not feeling well.
Andrea: Umm Ms Cassie?
Ms Cassie: Yes Andrea?
Andrea: Umm she has the new bracelet.
Ms Cassie: Well nice compliment of new girl, Andrea.
Madison: Thank you Andrea Morales. Umm I bought in shopping place with my mom.
Ms Cassie: Madison, can you start about your facts?
Madison: Yes Ms Cassie. Umm I am 5'2, My birthday is on November 8th, I have the london best friend named Brandy, but she passed away because she has the heart attack when I was 7th grade. I am the freshmen in San Antonio Hawks High School. My favorite color is red and pink, my favorite holiday is 4th of July. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I have a pet and it was the cat named Golden.
Ms Cassie: What a fantastic Facts about you.
(German raises his hand up)
Madison: Yes German?
German: Favorite Food?
Madison: London Food.
German: Cool.
09-09-2020: Volleyball Match:
(Madison's teammates are playing volleyball)
Madison: Sisters.
Andrea: Just in time, because I just gonna hang out in the bleachers
Madison: Okay.
09-14-2020: Madison just bullied Nina:
Madison: Thanks for my homecoming day with all of my friends, especially you sisters.
Andrea: (to Madison) Umm no problem!
Brisa: (to Madison) You're welcome!
Alexandra: (to Madison) No problem!
Violeta: (To Madison) You're welcome!
Madison: Umm is that your boyfriend German?
Violeta: Umm yes. I met him in the football field.
Madison: Wow! (Combs my purple hair brush) Nina doesn't like you right?
Andrea, Brisa, Violeta, Alexandra: Yes!
Madison: Great girls! (gets my diary out, and writes The morales sisters hates Nina) I got it! (closes my diary, and puts my diary in my backpack) (sighs) I thought you are my good friends.
Alexandra: Yeah thanks.
Brisa: Thank you
Brisa: Thank you
Andrea: Thanks Maddie!
Madison: You can call me Maddie if you want to.
Andrea: Oh cool.
(Nina enters)
Madison: (to Nina) Stop staring at The Morales Sisters they're my ghosts.
Nina: As you saying to speechless Maddie, I am the queen bee leader of the mean girls of this San Antonio Hawks High School, and nobody cares about yourself.
Madison: Could you please get away from The Morales Sisters, or they're gonna kill you?
Andrea: Maddie, please stop it! (guards you), (to Nina) You better run or you will die?
(Nina and her friends screaming and running away in the girls restroom)
Madison: Great job girls!
(Madison, Andrea, Brisa, Alex and Violeta are hi fiving each other)
09-17-2020: Madison scolds Nina:
German: This is super much fun for the fall sports nominees!
Madison: I know right.
Andrea: Do you have tape?
Madison: Here?
Andrea: Thank you so much! (puts the volleyball poster with the tape onto the wall) Is that perfect?
Madison: Yeah it's fine!
(Nina just pushes Madison)
Madison: What the hell are you doing to this project?
Nina: I just gonna shove you.
(Maddie scolds Nina)
Mauricio: Maddie, can you please stop scolding?
Maddie: Oh Mauricio, I'm so sorry.
09-23-2020: Nina destroyed Maddie's Poem:
(Maddie is still reading a book)
Andrea: I can't believe that your poem is messed up.
Maddie: It's Nina.
(Nina decides to destroyed Maddie's Poem)
Maddie: How dare this!
Brisa: We have to turn into the adolescent right away.
Andrea: I can't breathe.
01-12-2021: Adolescent Girls/Dragging Nina in Morales Sisters House:
Adolescent Andrea: Where are we now?
Adolescent Brisa: I don't know, we just drove into the Volkswagen Van instead.
Adolescent Violeta: Are you sure gonna get died?
Maddie: Not really. Brisa just drive the car, that's it.
Adolescent Alexandra: German? Are we in the nightclub?
German: No.
(Nina just open the trunk)
Gang: (screaming)
Mauricio: What's going on?
Adolescent Alexandra: We have to stop this girl right now!
Adolescent Brisa: I am gonna to kill you guys! (gets the gun, and shoots Nina)
(Mauricio and Nina grunting)
Adolescent Violeta: I have to call my mom!!! (gets Brisa's cell phone) Mom!! Can you bring Nina in the house? I'll call back mommy! Bye! Guys, get back in the car!
Gerardo: (brings Nina in the car)
(the gang bringing Nina in the Car)
(Morales Sisters House: Garage)
Brisa: Where's my adolescent Power?
Ricardo: I don't know Bri, where did you put it?
Brisa: That the lady in the stripper took it.
Ricardo: No way! (gets your Adolescent power in)
Madison: We have to shut this down! (gets the fire extinguisher, and sprays into it)
Sarai: Madison,How dare you to this?
(Madison and Sarai are fighting each other)
Letty: Sara, stop it!
Sarai: Mom! It was Madison.
Letty: You know what everyone, leave! Sisters, just stay here with me!
(The Morales Sisters Friends are leaving in the garage)

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