Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-07-09 19:29:53 (UTC)

Radical People...

There was a kid at my work who seemed to be a BLM supporter. I forget exactly what he said, but it seemed radical. And I do think of BLM as a radical movement. If anyone is offended by that, I also think Jesus was a radical. Radical is not necessarily bad. I have no problem with PEACEFUL protests and I'll leave it at that! Anyways, I like the kid and found him interesting because his views were so different from mine. Like, I'm fairly open-minded, or I try to be, at least. He left, though. πŸ˜•

There's this new guy, however, who I am real IFFY about. I can handle opposing views, I'm not trying to be a snowflake, but I find this disconcerting, to say the least... I Did not hear the whole conversation, but I heard him say that he thinks there needs to be "population reduction." Yikes! What exactly do you mean by that? I walked away for a moment, shocked. I kept my cool, I'd rather not get angry... that wasn't something that induces anger, though, but more like alarm. Quite disturbing, I think!

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