London Life
2020-07-09 09:41:24 (UTC)

Second Life Nudes / Drinking In The Archways

I was late meeting Jack for lunch after he'd met his friend, as I was waiting for his call and I didn't know we'd made any definite arrangements. We went to Ellie's, where we are now allowed to sit at the tables outside, and as I'd had a late breakfast I just had avocado on toast, which when it arrived was bigger than expected.

I spent a lot of time in the morning looking at a bloke's Flickr site; he'd posted a lot of "second life" nudes he'd created. One or two had bizarre proportions - I don't mean exaggerated boobs and waistlines (the girls' figures were perfect but realistic), but weird looking legs etc; however most of them were pretty good, and I even favourited one or two of them alongside my own collection of genuine girls. He wanted comments rather than favouritisms, so I made up a few quotes as to what the people in his girl-girl pictures might be saying. My own notifications are almost getting out of hand - more than 99 every day of people liking or commenting on my photos, and I've got 1,204 followers. I think this has increased exponentially from me getting invitations to add my photos to other sites, which gets me noticed, even though I'm not allowed to post any more pictures at the moment.

I did my regular run with Jack after work. He was a bit late, which increased my speed. I've actually run out of washed running skirts and shorts, so instead wore my rarely-used running tights, which I usually only put on after races, when it's cold. After our run, it was the second of the restored Wednesday meets at the community centre. Ben, Freya and Jacqui (a late entry after a newbie pulled out) were there before me, then Steve L arrived on his bike - he's still got achilles problems. Sally was last to arrive. We went to help at the garden by the cereal factory - I was carting mulch around in a wheelbarrow - and as we came past our flat I got Jack to give us a wave from our window; I'd lined him up as a last-minute replacement, but Jacqui had signed up.

I said that Jodie was getting married with 28 guests - Jacqui said the problem for her was not finding 28 guests, but finding a groom! Poor Steve failed to cut through a huge log with a weedy saw. I was thirsty and kept taking gulps from my water bottle - Sally thought I was on the booze already. Instead of going to the stall selling craft beer cans, Freya took us to Waitrose where I got a few cans of my favourite local brewery beer, but I only drank one and I spilled some of that. This time we had chairs to sit on, in the yard archway away from the drizzle, but they were as uncomfortable as the ones I used to sit with Jack at Peyton & Byrne.

Freya and Ben were talking about how they'd been at university together in Southampton on a similar course, even living in the same street, without getting to know each other, and also discussed BBC ('I May Destroy You') and Channel 4 dramas they were watching, all of which excluded me, as I rarely watch drama, but I was enjoying the chat anyway. We were also talking - again - about the organisational changes, and Sally had noticed how the job adverts didn't mention training. After the others left and it was just Sally, Jacqui and me, we had a much more relaxed chat.

I decided to cancel running to Hackney and back tomorrow as I really do need a rest. Proof of this was the nine hours I managed to sleep.