La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-07-09 04:01:52 (UTC)

Proud of you son!

Today I decide to cook something special for my family, because our 14 yr old son finished his middle school education, and even though we aren't allowed to celebrate in big numbers of people, us four was enough for today. We just need to wait for his oficcial papers certificate and he will be going to hight school this year. It's seems just like yesterday he was struggling to stay alive in the NICU and having troubble breathing. He looked so tinny in that place, full of tubes and bandages on his I.V. boy times sure flies when you are having a good time. Is amazing to me that a few mnths earlier I went into cardio arest and almost died on the table while his dad watched from the window. He was ment to have a long life because I sure have had so many oportunities to continue on guiding his steps. I try all the time to be the best mom for him and my doughter. Some times I don't give my self enough credit for how great they have turned out. Any how am so tired good night.