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2020-07-08 20:45:43 (UTC)

Work sucked and Gym was meh ☹️

Work sucked. Boss is an ass. Screw him. Nuff said.
Gym was ok. None of my gym peeps were there. Just some familiar faces but I don't know their names. Good workout though which should be what I'm supposed to be there for.

Glad that the gym was there for me to let loose.
1) Overhead press
2) side planks
3) side lunges with weights
4) one legged RDL 55 lb kettle bell (struggled with this one. Back was starting to get pissed)
5) Tea kettles with the 55 lb kettle bell.

So the core workout was great. Got home and for a short time, it looked like I had a two pack. lol. It'll be gone by tomorrow morning ☹️
But it wasn't all that fun. The coaches there were cool. Two of them knows me for awhile now. One newbie coach but friendly and female. lol. Still, the members were no one I really knew. Just familiar faces but no chatting with anyone.

I need to prep for camping this weekend. That part I can't wait to do and I enjoy no problem. Too bad I can't get paid to go camping. Gotta dream :)

I have a Dr. appt tomorrow. Apparently, when I asked and did bloodwork for allergies, I got some results that require me to see a dermatologist or whatever. I was getting rashes from time to time. I stopped taking my EFA (Omega 3) from Costco. The fish oil in it per my Dr is shark fin or whatever. So after I stopped, the rashes went away. But my bloodwork showed my immune system is fighting harder than it should so I need to get it checked out anyway.

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