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2020-07-09 03:47:50 (UTC)

day dreaming again

I had such a busy day today, so finaly a few minutes to my self to talk a little of the things that have been running trough my mind all day.
is it that hard to become that one person that overcomes all obstacles am I really that great to allow my self to dream big! money independance big? will I' can I? at this point am the only one who belives in me, in the possibility to becoming that one person who creates something great not only for me, but for my family and my children to be part of this oportunity to be financialy independant, it's right there ready for me to go for it. will I be able to choose when the time comes? I sure hope so, because I am tired of always wanting a better life, a life where I can do everything I have ever dreamed of, I want to achive that one extra point, I will begin witht he basics, discipline to acomplish all these new dreams that today where presented and I know are possible if I want to. I need to continue to grow my networking and focus on the important things such as my personal growth. everything else I have already mastered so what is their to loose if I don't give this a chance.
And this is something I have been working for subconsciously I just need to figure that one part of the puzzle that am missing and haven't been able to find. Today I got a whole lot of good iformation on this subject so I will bring it to practice as of right now.