taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-07-09 02:22:41 (UTC)

scooter? he hardly knew her!


my scooter has been at the scooter repair store for exactly 2 weeks now. i was preparing for a lengthy repair process given *all the things*, but it's starting to eat at me now -- everything beyond my apartment walls becomes a barrier without it. nothing but slack for good access - they've been there on various instances to fix the thing at the drop of the hat, billing ODSP directly and generally providing the best scooter repair service of my lyfe. but, plz return my message bc 2 weeks without a literal extension of my body is bad.

as an aside, this scooter, this " go-go sport", has become quite the lemon. it's not even a year out from basically an entire motor replacement, new tires, full assessment. really would've enjoyed not having to get into all this again, esp during These Unprecedented Times.

I want to go out for fucking spin. unabashedly.