Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-07-08 19:12:15 (UTC)

"This Is A Real Human Being! What a F****** Legend!" - Papa Franku

So, today I was working with 2 teenagers - a girl and a boy. I asked the girl if she knew who the singer Joji was. She did. The boy didn't. The girl actually looked up pictures to show the boy. I got distracted from my work. Lol. Anyways, a few minutes later, the boy starts saying stuff like, "I was born in the wrong generation. I hate my generation." And he kept going! So, then, laughing, I'm like, "Nooo! Is this really happening in real life!?" I kept laughing for a few minutes, but then I explain to the boy, why I was laughing so much, by saying this: "So you don't know who Joji is, but you're practically quoting one of his videos from back when he was Filthy Frank!" The girl was laughing too, which means... she may be a Papa Franku fan, as well. I hardly find them in real life... so sad.

Fun times today!