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2020-07-08 01:13:09 (UTC)

Surprise surprise

Well, I got dolled up, went out of town for a few hours.
I was the eye candy.
It felt good.
I’ve been down and depressed and slept yesterday away.

Someone is in trouble, and decided to show up here unannounced.......
I kinda assumed it was going to happen when he called in trouble.

I should have sent his butt packing, but my son was excited, so I will see how it goes.

Just steam cleaned the carpets again, so let’s see how little miss princess acts.

Wonder what I will say or do to upset him again? Does he like the ability to bark at me for my feelings and emotions?
Could he have shown up unannounced because he feels threatened? I mean, I haven’t exactly been social since he left in a pissy mood on Sunday, angry at me for my comment about me wanting a better life for my kid till I can get on my feet.

Maybe me, moving on, and not pushing for his attention has him worried, or he’s checking up.......
Time will tell, the night is still young.

I’m off to cook some salmon and medications are past due, and off to bed I go.

Shall be interesting.

Update tomorrow.

Till then......

I, rock it 😘