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2020-07-07 19:12:37 (UTC)

Feedback - on toxic experiences

I have anxiety attacks today (I have biopolar) and i get time at different times. I usually handle them well but two days was a different story. This week it was trigged by a guy that i thought was cool with and i used to very causal and just linking up around two weeks apart. I didn't even like this guy for me to get upset at him but it happened. Since I was at a sensitive time in my bipolar I got triggered that he himself blocked me and with No explanation . Before I was aware of the blocking I had stopped at see him his house suprise because I saw him walking. Don't want to drag details so end he had two opportunities to tell me what was wrong and he didn't, So the last day he stood me up. I was waiting for him to get off work at 1am that is why I started blowing up his phone. Something I had never done and repeatly texting. He picked up and yelled as I kept repeating IM SORRY in the middle of a panic attack and he said that's not what i want to hear and that he didn't care of my mental health. I stopped talking to him at that point. Like I said i am a very rational person, smart I have a degree and therapy experience but I can not think straight when i get in these episodes. Just want to hear some ones opinion on this story.