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2020-07-07 14:12:24 (UTC)

Alexa x Rolando: Episode: 01-11-2018

From the Episode of 01-11-2018 is: Fairytale Alexa: Episode Highlights:

Clip: Katie opens her DNA Test for Alexa:
(Alexa's House: Fawn's Office: Katie is still going to get the DNA Test)
Katie: (gets the DNA Test in the drawer)
Fawn: Katherine Marissa Redona, what is this?
Katie: Umm I just found the DNA Test from Alex, because she is still lying about her old boyfriend
Fawn: Her old boyfriend who?
Katie: Esteban.
Fawn: Don't worry Katherine, I'll handle on the phone. (gets the telephone, and calls Esteban) Esteban, this is Fawn Redona, umm she is at school right now, because she will arrived at 3pm. Thanks Esteban. Bye.
Katie: What happened?
Fawn: I think she got the Fight with him.
Katie: (goes downstairs)
(Ximena knocks on the door)
Fawn: (goes to the living room, and opens the door)
Ximena: Umm Hi Mrs Redona, Is Alexa Here?
Fawn: I'm sorry Ximena, she is at school, because she will be here on 3pm. Thank you.
Clip: City Girl Alexa:
(School: Outside in 400-500 building)
Rolando: You are not a city girl, you are just holding a stuffed animal as well.
Alexa: Hahaha Thank you
Rolando: You're welcome
Alexa: Umm I have to call my mom, because she told me that I still cheated on Esteban.
Rolando: No worries Alex.
(Alexa's phone ringing)
Alexa: Mom!
Fawn: Alex, I just recommended that you are still cheated with Esteban earlier, can you please call you back later?
Alexa: Okay I got u!

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