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2020-07-06 23:44:00 (UTC)

Interesting day. Grapevine gossip 🙄

Work was ok today. Not busy but a few projects I never did before and need to learn. But I'll be teamed up with butthead that doesn't know the meaning of teamwork. Whatever. I get paid the same no matter. 😌 His name is John. He's a weirdo and somewhat an idiot as far as Engineers. But to keep the peace, I just try to go with the flow. So yeah, I bite my tongue a lot. Work in progress.

Today's gym class was fun. There were two gym peeps that returned for the first time in a long time. Before Covid, they photobombed my camera once and took pics while I wasn't looking.
I still have them too. lol

Now regarding the grapevine rumor. I heard from the guy at last 4th of July party that people were talking smack because I brought my two gym peeps camping with me. They just referred them as 20 something year old blonds. Pffft!! Talk about being stupid. Probably jealous because they are old in their hearts. Well, the next time I'll bring three blonds to camp. Silly people. Can't just enjoy camping. I for sure did. My gym peeps helped load, unload, and cooked for me too. to be the debbie downers.

So today, I got a friend request from a gym member from the closed Sunrise gym. Then she chatted with me once friended. She wasn't a big girl but she had some power. Not sure where she's from but looking at her FB pics, I think she's of Persian decent. Hope she's not like Blue Faye. Not sure if this person was flirting with me so I need to be careful. I don't want to mess up my gym feng-shui by dating anyone there. But she lives less than 10 miles away and I would be lucky to be dating her. But my dream was of a Greek woman. She's not Greek! haha. I'm just being stupid. And maybe I am guilty of a little flirting too so I better slap myself a couple of times and stop it. haha. Nah!! I'm a bad boy sometimes. 😈

That's it for now. Oh wait. Got my Amazon stuff delivered. I got a bigger soft rooftop luggage thingy for camping and some trout lures. I'll be hitting a big lake this weekend and they have good trout fishing.

And totally unrelated but my Amazon pics sent me a memory pic of my bike. I shouldn't have sold my bike. It was a cool bike.

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