Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-07-07 00:06:18 (UTC)

Oh My Gosh... I Understood, Even Back Then... 😢😢😢 ☺☺☺

This is something I wrote February 19th of last year when my husband was still alive. It may have been when I found out he had lung cancer (spread from the lymphoma):

I was in a fantastic mood this morning... at work... In the first 2 hours before B showed up. Very odd... Considering the crushing reality MT [my husband] told me last night. What it did, though is eliminated all my stress over everything else. Nothing else matters now. I cherish every moment of my life. Every moment with MT. If all turns out well, I'm set for life and living life this way. I'll be more thankful for MT than anything else in my life and am now. All the stupid shit, which is all it ever was, has fallen away.

I don't need to think about if things turn out for the worst and what that means for me. If this is all the time I get, I need not waste it!

Now, if it all turns out for the best, than this time will be less time wasted in a lifetime of no longer wasting time worrying.

Cherish each and every moment of life, especially the moments with MT.