London Life
2020-07-06 16:06:03 (UTC)

Volunteering is back

Wednesday 24/06/2020 to Friday 26/06/2020.

On Wednesday it was so hot we had an iced coffee at the Lock. The path opposite, where for weeks we watched people walk along and have to return, was now re-opened. There are also volunteering tasks returning now, restricted in numbers and socially distanced. In the evening I went to help prepare the farm in Islington for re-opening. Jay was carving out a path through mounds of earth to enable them to introduce a one-way system. I was working with a sweet new girl called Iman, moving plant-holders and earth. I also met Laura, a scruffy blonde who cycled up from south of the river.

Next day I cycled to Northway for another task, having run there one weekend during the lockdown and found it a real effort. I over-shot the place but just met Kat in time. During the task, I was disappointed to be working on my own, but afterwards we stopped for a chat. At first I was talking to the rather practical Fiona and Vicky, but I moved over to the other group and asked Clare about her lockdown – she’s an occupational therapist - but Paul took over the conversation. Anyway it was hard not to stare at Charlotte (who I haven’t seen in person since the lockdown) and Mia, with their stunning looks and their beautiful thighs. They seem inseparable.

On Friday, as a thunderstorm threatened, I took on a nearby task at a nursery off Tufnell Park Road where they grow plants, then give them to charitable institutions. It was fun working with Sally, and working out what to do as we went along. Also went for a run with Jack when I got back.