London Life
2020-06-22 17:04:59 (UTC)

Views at the top of the hill

Monday / Tuesday 22/06/2020 and 23/06/2020

On Monday, with lockdown restrictions easing slightly, we did the first of a series of fitness sessions round Arsenal stadium. It was good to catch up with Clare, who seems so quiet but is really quite confident and she’s got a nice dry sense of humour. Sally, Toyin and Patrick were also there. We did some hill circuits. I couldn’t keep up with Patrick but was just ahead of Clare until the end. I'd felt very fat in the afternoon, meeting Jack after seeing his friend for a falafel wrap from E. Mono and a cake, though me wearing the tight little purple dress didn’t help.

On Tuesday, although we’d missed the Longest Day by two days, and Midsummer Night was the following day, it was still a good evening to cycle up to Parliament Hill with Jack until the sunset at almost ten o’clock. Instead of wasting time getting a picnic together round our way, we went to M&S at South End and got everything we wanted – loads of stuff in fact. We’d already had a very hot Wasabi at lunchtime – it has just re-opened.

It’s the time of year when girls have got used to showing their bodies, and the very hot weather has given them the perfect excuse. Outside M&S it wasn’t enough for one girl to wear a mini dress – she had sideways fresh-revealing slits in it, just above the top of the leg.

At the top of the hill we sat with twelve girls who were having a picnic with two token blokes. There was some good alcohol-fuelled girly hugs and friend-kissing going on, sometimes on the lips. One girl in a micro-mini skirt leaned forward several times to reveal much of her bum cheeks (no sign of her knickers from that angle), unfortunately more often sideways on, rather than in front of my eyes. Another girl had numerous small round holes in her shorts – also clearly in thong knickers (banded and visible through the shorts). A third’s underwear was high up in her bum – her knicker-line was very clear.

Down the hill, a girl sat with her leg up through the big slit in her dress, while her amply-proportioned friend took her top off, sat in her bra for a while and while putting on a replacement, she paused above her chest as if to give her friend one last look at her boobs before pulling it over. Not that the replacement top covered much cleavage. Many more micro-mini skirts and tiny tight shorts were being worn everywhere.

I’m not jealous of these young girls. I celebrate that they make the most of their bodies while they can, while giving us something nice to look at. Of course I still don’t mind showing plenty of leg and cleavage myself.