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2020-07-06 08:58:40 (UTC)


Been awhile.
Been struggling the past 24 hours.

Stress level through the roof.

Indio is angry at me, as usual.

Doesn’t try to understand where my mind is.
I made the statement, not thinking before I spoke, about selling everything and putting Sheldon in a foster home/adoption home till I can provide for him.

I slept most of yesterday. I’m exhausted. My body hurts.

I have my SS hearing soon. Praying I finally get approved. I don’t know what todo if I don’t. With no income, I’m scared. Bills are piling up.

I realized, I’m here to pass people’s time. When they are lonely, they look for me, other than that, I’m just here.

Dew Drop has finally stopped messaging me, it’s been almost a week now. He hasn’t changed, nor will he.

I thought I was making progress, but am having a set back at the moment.

Just a quick update.
I will work on writing daily again.