Experienced Life
2020-07-05 15:59:16 (UTC)

Home Sweet Home...finally 🥴

Went to Jenny's house yesterday for the 4th of July celebration.There were only 5 Adults ( 2 dudes 3 women) and her kiddo. We ate dinner, conversed, lit fireworks and got tipsy too. Jenny is really bad though. Must be the Irish blood in her. lol It was fun and she don't remember much so I had to fill her in on her silliness from last night.

She was so wasted last night. I was too but I remember most of it. She never does so I'm the one that has to give her the recap of what she did. I counted 5 times she fell down. All backwards so her face is safe. She tells me she has a big enough tush so it's always a soft landing. She's like barely 5' if that and slim but she does have a nice butt and I guess it's very useful and not just to look at.

I crashed on her sofa and woke up hungover. She came downstairs in the morning and was worse. 🤢So we were sitting on the sofa. Two pathetic people with hangovers. She had enough strength to make a pot of coffee. I just kept my butt on the sofa and Jenny was kind enough to bring me a cup. She sat down telling me she felt like she was gonna die. I barely could chuckle because I was hurting too. Coffee didn't make much of a difference and so she joined me on the sofa and watch some game on tv. Two soccer teams from places we never even heard of. Just zoning out pretty much. She commented on how the soccer players looked hot and anytime they'd pretend to get hurt, Jenny would say she'd nurse them back to health. Meanwhile, I'm just there hungover waiting for whatever organ I have to filter the alcohol out of me.

She fell asleep and I just zoned out for a few hrs staring but not watching the tv till I felt better. Only getting up to do the minimum mandatory of getting my coffee refills. Jenny was knocked out. We stayed that way till after 12PM. That's when I started to cook our breakfast I promised the day before. I brought over bacon and eggs. Fixed both of us a plate. Woke her up to eat and after eating, she fell right back to sleep again.

Finally much later in the afternoon, she told me a few things very personal and told me not to tell anyone. I guess I can't really post it here but it was big. She had me pinky swear not to say anything so I won't. Not even here. It was a doozy though.

When I finally felt I was detoxed enough, I gathered my things and told Jenny I was leaving. Her house was a mess but I wasn't able to help with that because bending down to pick up something would have put me in a tailspin of dizziness. Even when I left the house, I saw a crap load of spent fireworks on her sidewalk/driveway/road area but no way could I help. It was already about 100° out so yeah, I'd pass out for sure.

Made it home safe and sound. Trying to get some fluids in me to rehydrate. All I had last night was wine so it really messed up my body. Otherwise, body feels over 90% ready for the gym. All muscles are ready to rock. No sore muscles anywhere. I'll be back at the gym again tomorrow to further detox my body. I'm sure I'll be sucking in air making false promises not to drink for awhile. That usually equals to a day 🙄

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