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2020-07-05 17:35:14 (UTC)

Take A Hint

This guy at my job likes me and he was all up in my face about it yesterday and so I did the mature thing and just gave him my Facebook and now he won't stop texting me. He keeps saying how he wanna take me out on a date and everything when I'm not even ready for a relationship and that we can just be friends. He kept asking for my number but I don't give it away like that. Then, he tried taking my phone out of my pocket and I told him no. He needs to know that I'm not interested in him like that and also I like this other guy at my job name Tay and I just wanna see if, he likes me back but I doubt it because he's always flirting with one of the managers just because she has a bigger ass than, me. And sometimes I would look at him but then he just stare at her mainly because of her ass. He's always closing at Mcdonald's because he has no choice but to because its the only way he'll get transportation home with one of the managers. A male that takes him.

I'm going to Atlanta on July 24, 25, and 26 for my brother graduation and we'll be going golfing ect... To celebrate. He has a girlfriend now and which I been knew since last year at the football game. And here I am still single than, a slice of pie.

I mean I guess I'll talk to the guy. But I'm also talking to C and that's not going anywhere but friends because as you know he went back out with his girlfriend after they were on a break and after when we had sex and kissed then when he came the other day to my house before he went back out of town did the exact same thing and watched a movie on Netflix saying how he wants me... He wants me my ass. So, tomorrow he'll come by and I'm gonna make sure that won't happen again no matter how much he claims " he wants me" and no matter how much I want him. He says I'm persuing ny feelings onto him when I'm not and if, anything its his fault as well. He hurted me and I let him no matter how many I'm sorry's he says. He just wants me for the sex. All guys just wants me for sex. And I wish they just want me for more. A relationship. Just like the guy at work who says he "likes me" but as soon as we get to know each other and stuff he gonna quickly go sexual and I'm gonna stop talking to him just like that if, he asked for one single nude picture. So far, he hasn't. But still.

Anyways, I'm off tomorrow and C will be back tomorrow whatever which time. Hopefully, early so we can talk all day. No sex. No nothing. Just talk. I'm gonna be glad to see him yes but he hasn't been texting me since he's been with his family in Atlanta but when I call him he's in another call then I call him again he's not answering saying he's with family. So, he's ignoring me when he claims he's not. But I know he is. So, I just haven't been texting him ever since, we got into it over text yesterday and just waiting for him to come back Monday. Almost 1:00. Get off at nine. I'm just ready to get the day over with. I stayed an hour just to help through drive through. And then I was gone. Not staying an hour tonight. The only manager I like working with is Kim and Moraka or however how you say her name.

P.S. No wonder Hooks was starring at me that whole time because he likes what I see and then he asked me why I was starring at him was because he was starring at me.

P.S.S. This was suppose to be about the guy at my job entry but turned out to be about two other guys. Lol! Whoops!!! 🤷

P.S.S.S. I just spent a whole hour literally writing this entry till I clocked into worked. When I could be catching up on youtube videos. Its been a while since, I've written on here. Oh well. I'll catch up on them when I get off and on my day off tomorrow.

- A

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