Live my life♥

me and my life
2020-07-05 14:07:30 (UTC)

When? Bloody when?

When will situation change. This fucking covid has ruined everything. Atleast i would have gotten a job. Monku's chapter is over I guess as he is mum. I know he wanted this but he just didn't wanted to be vocal abt it. Also I had been too light on this with him but not now. He still didn't try even after me telling him to try. Lolz
I'm searching for a guy. I do see many good ones but i donno how to take it forward m scared, awkward and i dont know phewww.. Job? M don't expect it that happening till end of the yr. It will be soon 1 ye i had resigned.
Mom health is not well, also dad and sis is little recovering. I take mom to clinic, hospital also I take baby to hospital for vaccination with sister today. Tomorrow I'll take mom to hospital for her sugar issues. I miss blush. I wish I had kept her here. Life is just about living now for a sake. No meaning as of now. Looking back j regret of not enjoying life and taking life to seriously.
Henceforth m going to enjoy life make trips, Adventure, see guys for sure.
When will everything will be fine??
Tc. God bless.