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2020-07-04 17:05:52 (UTC)

Unspoken Sexual tension in the Gym 🙄

There are some things about the gym that I don’t speak of much. I do just a bit from time-to-time on here but not really in detail. Again, our gym is an instructor lead class so it’s not one of those gyms where you walk in and hop on some gym equipment. I don’t know if those gyms will even or ever exist again with this Covid issue. Our gym has lots of men and women together in one big area. But the ratio is like 3 to 1 woman to men.

When we’re all there together, sweating, working out, maybe a little grunting, getting a little worked up physically, accidently making eye-to-eye contact, incidental contact from time-to-time, sometimes backs against each other twisting and passing wallballs to the person next to us. So of course, nature takes its course. Pheromones in the air. Maybe some teasing too. I mean pre-covid days, you are right next to someone. Lots of positions are kinda hot too if you ask me. Tabletop, glute bridges, squats, and so many others where the position looks almost sexual in nature. Oh boy!! Women in their snug workout clothes showing every shape of their bod? The guys all toned up during the workout looking temporarily cool while our muscles are at their best. Both men and women glistening from sweat? Yeah… can be pretty sexual in a way. We don’t say crap but many of us think it. That’s how we end up later chatting before and after the gym. I had to make a devilish smile once when one lady said I was dangerous. Haha.

At our last Christmas party, all the gyms were celebrating at this one big location. That’s when I saw Roop. She was very pretty and had a nice figure. Drunk, my friend egged me on to ask her out. He said “Go ask her out. She isn’t from our gym, so you won’t see her again”. So, I did, and she turned me down. Haha. Fast forward a few months later. Our Sunrise gym is now closed on Fridays. So, I go to my neighbor gym in Folsom those days. Guess what? That’s the gym Roop goes to. So ugh…Awkward!!!. I get over it and just focus on the class. She ignors me.

Anyway, I go there every Friday and I get to know people. People start to get to know me. I become higher up on the pecking order pretty quickly and I’m really friendly and say hi to everyone. I used to go early and stay late. Gym classes do have an Alpha Male thing going on. I know it’s silly, but they do. Later, my Sunrise gym closed permanently. ½ of Sunrise goes to Folsom. This gets me higher in the pecking order and now I’m one of the cool kids. Both gyms now know me, and I get a lot of attention from them. People there take notice, and this is kind of wrong, but you enhance your social status. Not by doing anything, but by other people coming to you chatting up with you and hanging out with you. It’s as if you are cooler now. Go figure. Roop notices.

So sure enough, soon after when we separate into smaller groups, Roop chooses to join into my little group. Well, not mine but she knows I’m in it and I’m there before she is. She knows I liked her. Now she is the one that comes to me. We usually set up in a square with 4 people or rectangle with 6. She of course makes sure she is standing in front of me knowing she is doing squats, side squats, RDLs and all other things that makes her have to bend over to show off her body teasing me in her yoga outfit. I like it and It kills me at the same time. She knows she is working it and she knows what she is doing. I can’t take it and have to close my eyes at times when we work out so I can focus. She ended up doing this repeatedly. It killed me when she’d teased me like this. But the rules changed. I don’t date people in the same gym I’m at. Damn it!!! No wonder I wake up in the morning with hard ons.

This happens a lot. Other times it’s so obvious that one of the ladies told me once if she should move from our group that she already joined because she is nervous that another lady wanted to be in our group, and it freaked her out a little. I laughed it off, but I did ask if she was serious and said yes, the other lady is mad she can’t come to my group. I said to chill. It’s just a class. No worries. But it was funny.

There were more innocent flirting going on at the gym. More like sexual tension. I see things being sent my way. And yeah, I’m guilty of dishing out some of the same to some people too.. I have some nice toned legs and I do have a V shaped torso somewhat so I’m guilty of sticking it out there at times. Haha. Because…I’m a bad boy sometimes.
All the peeps that are texting me about the gym openings? All women. Some are gym employees too. The ones that work behind the desk.

I sometimes think of the damage we’d be able to do if I hooked up with a woman from the gym. If both partners are fit, the things we could do in bed. Haha. We’d break the bed for sure. Ok, confession over.

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