Darc Tangent

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2020-07-04 15:30:21 (UTC)

Oreo-Oh! : Dreams Do Come True (1,012 wds)

Oreo-Oh! – Dreams Do Come True
D’Arc Tangent

Clarice lay naked in bed. Covered by the bedsheet, her body still hummed from the ecstasy she had just endured. Sweat coated her flesh, and chilled her, but the thrill of the sex still warmed her body.

She wiggled her body up along the bed to a sitting position, pulling the blankets up to cover her naked body and could hear sounds coming from the kitchen. She straightened herself more in anticipation of what was to come when Ted walked into the bedroom carrying a tray laden with a bowl, a glass of juice, and a mug. Ted’s hair flowed in the wind, even though there seemed to be no breeze as he sat on the edge of the bed and placed the tray with the bowl of cereal, juice and coffee on her lap. His muscles bulged under the tight pajama top, far tighter than she ever noticed before and she pulled her gaze away from his piercing, far too blue eyes to look at her favourite breakfast cereal in the bowl before her. When Clarice looked back up at Ted, she was lying in bed, in her white cotton pajama’s, snuggled under the blankets as the morning sun was streaming through the curtains.

Ted walked into the bedroom, carrying a tray of food and Clarice sat up, smiling.

“I just had a dream that you brought me my favourite cereal.” she smiled, looking up sheepishly from the memory of her still fresh dream.

“I guess dreams do come true.” Ted said.

“Well, not all dreams.” Clarice said, her head still bent over her cereal but her eyes turned up to look at Ted, who’s hair suddenly became long and flowing in the still mysterious breeze, as his chest filled out his shirt and his legs became fuller, stronger, and his pants strained against his sudden girth.

“There we go.” Clarice smiled as the new Ted moved over to her, and Clarice picked up her tray and threw it against the wall, and threw the sheet off her body.

Ted moved onto the bed, and straddled Clarice, his legs on either side of her body and slipped his hands into her pajama top and pulled, the buttons popping as he tore open her top, exposing her round, full breasts, and her nipples immediately started to pebble from her desire, and Ted took full advantage of arousal and covered one breast with his mouth, his tongue flicking across the pebble, and Clarice responded by arching her back, thrusting her breast to his mouth, and his other hand pulled at her other nipple, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure from her throat.

Ted moved his mouth from her breast, kissing down her belly, moving slowly down, down along her body, and as he past her navel, Clarice lifted her hips higher, allowing him access to her pajama bottoms. As he continued to kiss her skin, he grasped the edge of pajamas and pulled them down, exposing the soft brown fur between her legs, and his kissed past the soft triangle, and continued down her leg until her bottoms were completely off. As he threw the pants onto the floor, Clarice spread her legs, needing him to tend to the desire building between her legs.

Moving back up her body, Ted spread her lower lips open with his fingers, his thumb finding the slick wetness between her legs as his tongue sucked on the nerve bundle and Clarice bit her bottom lip at the sensations he was drawing from her. Pulling his thumb out, he replaced it with two fingers, going deeper, and finding that tender spot she craved him to touch.

“Sweet mother of god, yes!” Clarice shouted as her body convulsed from his touch. “Get up here and kiss me!” she shouted and Ted pulled his fingers out, and positioned his body over Clarice, slowly probing his shaft into her pleasure hole as he kissed her. Clarice gasped as she felt him enter her, and grabbed his head and pulled him into a kiss. Her tongue thrust into his mouth and Ted’s eyes went wide at this brazen display, moving his hands up between them to fondle her breasts as he thrust deeper into her. Like a wave, their bodies undulated, rising and falling in a rhythm as Ted thrust into her, then pulled back as Clarice lowered her hips, then as she raised her hips again, Ted thrust into her, their bodies. “Fuck yeah!” she shouted. “Do it. Take me. Deeper!” she screamed

Ted upped his game. He thrusted harder into Clarice. He would thrust, then hold himself inside her for a moment, before pulling back for yet another hard thrust into her. Each thrust pulled another gurgling moan from Clarice, as tears of pleasure ran down her cheeks. “Oh god, yes.” she cried again, “Fuck I have never been taken so forcefully before.” as she buried her face in his chest. Yes Ted, fuck me hard. fill me up.” and finally Ted made one final thrust into her, holding his shaft deep inside her as he poured himself into Clarice, filling her to the brim.

Clarice’s body hummed with pleasure. Her who body coated in sweat and goosebumps, and she shook from the pleasure. It was just like in her dream. She was laying naked in the bed, but this time her cereal was splashed all over the wall as he body sang its song of delight, and her breathing was ragged and short as she tried to gasp for breath when her eyes fluttered opened and she found she was still laying, in her pajamas, next to Ted. No food splashed on the wall, no shredded cotton, and no deep sense of complete and utter satisfaction.

“Fuck.” she said, as she looked at Ted’s back toward her, then rolled over, opened the drawer of her night stand, and took out her vibrator. She turned it on, closed her eyes, and drifted off to the blissful sound of the humming tool.