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2020-07-04 09:48:55 (UTC)

What?!! For reals?? 😱

Oh man! My Facebook is lighting up from my gym group!! The gyms are opening up. All my gym peeps that were waiting for Covid to slow down are now coming back. Getting a lot of FB chats asking me what gym, days, times I'm attending and saying they missed me and my silliness. I did a lot of fun stupid things during gym classes. And I miss them too. Feels good to be missed. I know I miss Roop. Best eye candy at Folsom gym. haha. But the new procedures now? It's like getting decontaminated into a germ free environment before you can enter.

The new gym procedures? You have to bring a towel or mat to minimize sweat dripping on the floor. They mandate you use the hand sanitizer at the front door before walking in, then they sanitize your shoes with a sanitizing mat. Then they make you put your personal belongings in a plastic bag. Then you go to a scanner to scan your temperature. After all that, you are only allowed to go to your designated 8x8 square. You aren't even allowed to step on any other square but just along the lanes between. You already will have a set of equipment in your square that was pre-sanitized and you can't leave your square unless given the green light from the coach to ensure only one person leaves their square at a time. When class is done, they drop off wet wipes to each member at their square to wipe down the equipment. You are allowed to leave the gym one at a time too. Then when all members have left, they spray down the equipment and the 8x8 area that each member used. Wow!!!

Now that little bombshell I read last night. The gym owner posted that he has news of a reopening of the Sunrise gym! I thought that was a typo because Sunrise was the gym I was going to for almost three years now. I know this is not a big deal to the readers here on this site but for me, it's a hella big deal! When that gym closed before Covid, the members in that gym split in two. One group headed to the gym to the West and the other went to the gym to the East (Folsom) which is the one I'm attending. So I lost a lot of friends. But now?! Woohoo!! We may be back together once again. But I know me the social butterfly. I'll still attend the Folsom gym one or two times a week since I have friends there too now....and Roop 😈. The thing about the Folsom gym is that they are not too athletic there. Mostly IT geeks (haha, like me) that aren't into any physical activity. So yeah, when I'm there, I feel like I'm a badass! 💪 I hate running. It's not my favorite thing but I still beat everyone at that gym when we used to have to do laps. My Sunrise gym? There are a few athletic people there so I love it. They help me push harder so I can be better.

My agenda for today? Just fun stuff. Organize my fishing gear for next weekend's camping trip. I checked and there's only trout and maybe bass out there so I'm prepping my gear for those. I got way too many lures. You name it, I got it. So I'm trying to trim down what I'm bringing. Soft baits are my favorite but I do have some broke back rapalas that seem to catch a lot when I trout. Ned rigs are my favorite for bass. I have a bunch of Meps for trout too. I need to trim what I want to bring. Rods too. Maybe just 3 rods max. Below is my bass lures. I have to just trim that down to a reasonable non-hoarder size. lol

I could wash and wax my truck but it doesn't really need to be waxed. I just did it 3 weeks ago. It'll be more for relaxation therapy. Some people like to garden, sew, or paint. I'm weird, I like to wax my truck. 🤪

I got invited to Jenny's house later on tonight to celebrate the 4th of July. We'll have fireworks for sure... and alcohol. So yes, of course I'm going. 🥳 I should work out a little. No gym today but I'm sure I can squeeze in a couple thousand jumps on my jump rope.
It should be a nice mellow sunny drama free day. la-de-da :)

Flowers are looking good. I like to wake up to flowers in the morning. Always helps get me to smile.

Have a good 4th of July my peeps in Merica! haha. All the rest of you, smile 🙂