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2020-07-03 18:12:31 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I wanna start tonight's entry with feedback. How does someone get over a breakup? Look, I have minimal experience with relationships, but women have broken it off with me several times. So how does someone, in my opinion, deal with a breakup? The answer is complicated, cause everyone is different. If someone hurts me in that sense, I turn to my friends or hobbies. I know for some people it's drugs or alcohol. But I say, find something you enjoy doing: watching sports, watching a movie, going to the gym, talking to a friend. Then after a few days, you begin your dating search again: talk to friends and see if they have someone in mind who might be a good fit or join a dating site. Or if you are in school or work, see if you can get advise from a coworker or a peer in school. Breakups suck, everyone has gone thru them. But eventually you will get over the breakup and move on. I know with me....I've had several girls turn me down or breakup with me, and I realize...it's their loss. Night all.