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2020-07-03 09:14:57 (UTC)

Let go and heal 🥺

I get messages from this site from some very nice but very distressed people and I try to respond as best I can. Some here are really sad, hurt, and/or depressed. I’m nobody so what I say is probably full of poop most of the time. I just tell you the things I did to make myself a bit happier. But yes, I’ve been there too so yeah…I get it. It can be confusing and it’s hard to focus when you are hurting. Been there and back so many times as my past posts shows in itself. Just know this. You need to feel better about yourself. I know, easier said than done. Start with the basics. Instead of trying to be happy, try to avoid the things that make you unhappy. We are letting our own ego cut down and degrade ourselves into thinking we are pieces of poop. It’s sad we let ourselves be our own worse enemy. I say unless you can walk on water, then you are entitled to make mistakes.

For example, if it’s a guy/girl that you broke up with, do not go and look at their social media. Bee-atch slap yourself and stop it. It’s like a drug and it’ll be harder to stop once you start. Plus, you know in the back of your head it’s not going to make you feel better and it never does. So stop!!! It’s not a positive but at least you can stop the negativity. Why would you want to be sad, depressed, angry, frustrated, and scared all the time? Venting? Sure, do that. Mourning a breakup? Sure, do that too. But after a while, don’t stay put. Move on and get out of there. Otherwise you may be there for years.

I already gave so many suggestions on what to do. Go make some goals and achieve them. Achieving them will make you a little happier. Being happier attracts other people to want to be with you. Having more friends around you makes life better. And who knows? Maybe that special person may find you and life magically comes to life. Or maybe you’ll finally realize you don’t need someone to be happy and that you will realize you are happy just being by yourself. Of course, hit the gym and work out till your heart wants to explode. At least for that moment, wanting to throw up is still better than the emotional rollercoaster you're on. lol

Or, you could just stay at home and watch Netflix all day. Don’t go out. Don’t make friends. Ponder in the negativity that slowly eats your soul. Eat junk food and don’t work out. Get high or drunk (Except for wine. Wine is ok. Lol). Get fatter and further feeling bad about yourself feeding your conscience with more negative thoughts.

If this is you, please give life a try 😘