Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
2020-07-03 13:18:10 (UTC)

🎵Heard About A Place Today... Want To Go Underground🎶

If I can be done now, that would be great. It's so very hard to stay stuck in your own head, in your own world, all the time, even if it's nice. You'd rather have a happy reality, than just a happy dream. I keep up with the news, somewhat. You kind of have to. You can take breaks, though. I think it's good, for instance, if I only watch light, funny stuff after 8:00 at night. No more news. That's a good rule. I'm not watching the news on TV. I know you can't trust anyone, but I trust The Daily Wire more than the liberal news channels and maybe even a little bit more than Fox News.

Well, I went out with a bang, caused just one more scene, almost got myself in trouble. Now, I'll just silently stay to myself, ignoring everyone. It's difficult, but it's survival... until the next time I break down again... I can only do so much. God won't help me, though I beg Him to, so yeah...

I wish I could die. 😢😢😢