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2020-07-02 15:00:32 (UTC)

Aurora - The Dancing Lights !!

Brief Intro:
Aurora or 'The Dancing Lights' are actually the result of the collision between the electrically charged particles released from sun's atmosphere with the gaseous particle of earth's atmosphere.

At sun's surface (Million Degree Temp) gaseous collision is very frequent. Free electron and protons are thrown from the sun's surface. Throught the magnetic hole they enter the eath's surface resulting in collision with the gaseous particle of the earth's atmosphere.
Mostly the charged particles are deflected by the earth's magnetic field. But the magnetic field is weak at the poles due to whish electrically charged particles from sun enters earth's hemisphere...

Names on Different Poles:
It is known as Aurora Borealis in North and Aurora Australis in the South.

Color depend upon the gaseous particle (ex: pale yellow green is because of O2, Red by High altitude O2, N2 produces blue or purplish red light, etc)

Where and when it can be seen:
Norway, Canada | Greenland, Iceland etc. It is a cyclic process of roughly 11 yrs of peak time will be 2024