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2020-07-02 02:55:16 (UTC)

Classics missed.

Watching 90's movies always makes me feel inspire. I use to listen to old folk back when I was a kid say... they don't make movies or songs like they use to. Well I must be old now because they sure don't make movies like they use to.
Everytime I watch an old movie specialy from the 90's either makes me feel npstalgic or inspired.
Last of the mohicans, gaingsters paradise, good will hunting, you have mail...and so many others legends of the fall, the bodygard with witney huston omg I can go on and on about all these amazing good actors in these films.
Watching movies was a family tradition for us ever since VHS for those of you who are to young to know that those are they where the movies before DVS and Blueray. Now days is all Netflix, Itunes etc.
But anyways even though everything is digital or online going to the movie thearters never will get old I just hope they don't all go bankrupt after all this coronavirus deal cuz all be very disapointed. Good night!

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