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2020-07-01 19:24:54 (UTC)

Let the good times roll 🥳

Woohoo!!! First day back from work since last Friday. It's Wednesday and to my surprise, I don't have a poop pile of work in my queue!! In fact, I get to be secondary or 3rdonary Engineer on another project!! Which means...I'm not in the limelight and I pretty much do the lurking instead!! haha.

My home gym in Folsom opened up today. This is the first time since Covid. It was great seeing the regular coaches there and I have to say there is more eye candy here at this gym anyway. lol. All the coaches were smiling, glad to see us again and just glad to be working again. We're glad to be working out again. Anyway, it was a blast. My back isn't hurting. I'm flying around like a maniac being so happy except for pushups. I still got Sponge Bob arms. I survived that part but it's work in progress. The rest were too easy.

Today's routine:
1) Push ups
2) RDLs
3) V ups
4) alternating reverse lunges
5) Single arm rows

Anyway, I'm feeling uppity today more than most days and it's already hump day so just a couple more days and it'll be a weekend for me once again!! 🤩 I know the world is in a big poop storm right now. I'm not blind to that but I can carve my own little world and be happy in it still. Riding the high :)