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2020-07-01 20:49:16 (UTC)

Just move on karuna...

Is it my 2nd journal of the day? Anyways
I and Monku have been talking formally from few days. Yesterday we had a huge argument and I can't believe that we both are stuck with the same old thing. Nor he or I wanna bend down and accept the fact, but to be honest, it's actually he and his family who ruined everything but he is just not ready to accept it. Any ways after the fight I send him momos pics today and we started talking again. I really miss talking to him about their day, my thinking, what m I gonna do, what I feel and it's different satisfaction I get from him.
Today while talking he told me that he is quitting non veg which he tried to do a yr back as well and I was so upset in my own mind. J mean for some reason I was not ok. His superstitious that if he quit Nv everything will be fine. Which is nonsense.. His parents also support that also they wanted me to do that. His mother was telling the pandit that girl will eventually quit as her husband is not eating I was like whattt he also gave look to his mom like stop itttt....
Day by day he is giving me more reasons to be not with him. I mean yesterday's argument. He was still adamant that he cannot hurt his family but he can hurt me yaah boy... He was again all abt his mom dad he did not mention me anywhere or his plans or if he is apologetic then what is he gonna do. And today this. I mean omg I am so over him. I mean I still had hopes. But I guess, I should hangon. I really dnt want to waste my life. He is good very very good but all this is just not acceptable. He gotta give me some importance, some respect. I dnt say to ditch parents but cmon consider me also m gonna be your life partner dude.
I have made my mind. I have many reasons to not be with him. And only one reason to be with him. That he is good has been good that's it.
Tomorrow I'll register on matrimony. And will seriously start search a guy. M sure I'll get it m getting all signals God wants this.
God bless monku for his future endeavors and bless me too plss..
Monku my past love you were so good I hopeni get a mixture of u in my new one.
Cya gn tc