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2020-07-01 15:34:46 (UTC)

A Little Better

I just got off the phone with my therapist from a private number. We've been on the phone for a good 21 minutes almost 30 minutes and I gotta say I feel a little bit better. I always do. I told her about C and how we had sex bur he went back out with his girlfriend and saying that we're just friends also about the guy at my job Ivan whom I haven't seen in a while or his girlfriend because she is carrying his baby. Maybe he quit because I haven't seen him anywhere on the schedule last week it just said he was off. And if, he quit I'm glad he did because I've been better without him and his pregnant young girlfriend around and ruining my life and messing with my head at work. Mainly him because he's been saying that I'm crazy and stalking him when he doesn't even know me and I'm not even doing just because I wanted to go ahead and tell him that I liked him which is a BIG BIG mistake because I didn't know that it was gonna go that far. But it did and it happened hut I'm over him now. I've been better ever since he hasn't been working their at Mcdonald's. We had a new white girl name Jasmine but everyone said she got pregnant and had to quit.

What's up with everyone getting pregnant these days and young ?

Well, to hell that won't be me for the LONGEST of times. Not until I meet the right guy and I doubt that. Because I feel like all guys are the same and only just want sex. At least only wants sex from me. And that's what I hate about and that's why I have trust issues.

I always miss out on a lot whenever I'm working since I only get one day out of the whole week off. I believe I'm off on the 4th of July which no one will be celebrating really anyways from the coronavirous and all.

My book should be arriving soon from amazon today by 9pm. It was suppise to arrive yesterday but it was coming late. Either way I can't wait to get it and read it even though I already read it online on play books. I put two more books in my amazon cart. I want to read more. I feel I've been lacking from it. I still haven't finished one book that I said that I've liked that I got from Goodwill. I already watched the movie more than, a million times if, that's even a number.. I told my brother could he watch out for it while I'm at work from 2-10. He said yea.

Okay, I have at lesst two to three more hours of sleep before I go to work.

Mood: Kind of Happy

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