Live my life♥

me and my life
2020-07-01 13:38:36 (UTC)

Omg this stagnant life

Life has come to still really and it's from past 5 months. I'm so fucking bored. Have no where to go. The situation is just getting worst day by day. If I had a job things would have been different. Have no monku to talk, to have a fun talk atleast. No friends to talk Or meet but just struggle. No fav corner, money is concern, going out is dangerous. And m busy in managing house, sis and her baby. No time for self rather I would say a problematic life.
Chole ting workout dint work that well, slightly I can see the difference. M planning to start with diet this time. Let's see...
My periods are due still no symptoms duh..
Sis bday is day after tomorrow and lockdown isnon. Planning to make tandoori, biryani and a cake. Let's see if thenplan work out. Also it would be great if k get her dress on time. I doubt though.
M sitting on a bench of building writing this journal, missing monki, contemplating life. Ifs and buts you know... I hope things will change soon.