Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-06-30 21:16:18 (UTC)


FUCK YOU STEAM, I FUCKING HATE VALVE. BOUGHT CALL OF DUTY FOR TEN FUCKING DOLLARS AND I DIDNT GET TO PLAY ONE FUCKING MINUTE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REQUESTED A FUCKING REFUND, "I tried verifying game cache and i've deleted it and re-downloaded it 5 times. says it's running when It never even launched and is claiming it's been running for 6 hours when I only had it running (but not launching or playing) for 30 minutes. It's completely broken and my day is ruined." THATS EXACTLY WHAT I GET THEM AND WHAT DO THEIR DIMWIT SHIT FOR BRAINS TELL ME? "wE ArE uNaBLe tO rEfuNd tHiS puRcHasE tO your [...] aT tHis timE. yOuR pLaYtiME oF aN iNcLuDed pRoDucT eXcEedS 2 hOuRs (oUr rEfuNd pOLicY mAxiMUm)." I PAID YOU FUCKERS MONEY TO HAVE A GAME TO PLAY, CALL OF DUTY IS A GAME FROM 2003 IM DAMN WELL SURE MY 2006 COMPUTER CAN FUCKING RUN IT!!!! OH BUT DID I DOUBLE CHECK AT LEAST? YES I FUCKING DID AND MY COMPUTER MEETS EVERY FUCKING REQUIREMENT BUT THE GAME DOESN'T FUCKING LAUNCH! THESE LITTLE FUCKERS STOLE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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