from my heart
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2020-06-30 21:22:51 (UTC)

sad but happy

10:22 pm
today was such a hard day. ive been doing pretty well at staying positive but from the moment i woke up i wasnt feeling so good today. throughout the day i felt so sad for some reason and i didnt know why. maybe it was the weather or the fact that my boss seemed like she was in a bad mood because she was kind of being a bitch to everyone, i was feeling bad.

i have been starting to feel overwhelmed as well. i felt so anxious and i didnt know why. i wanted to cry. sorry if my writing seems all over the place again. anyways todays been really hard and i hate that im such a cry baby. it feels so good to come home though.

on the brighter side of today i got paid and my boss also gave me $20 tip. before i left she also packed some macarons and dacquoise cookies to give to my mom. and my other boss told me that he wanted to buy me food. that made me feel happy. also the chef always sings my name and says im number one. it can be kind of embarrassing and i feel scared that the other people i work with will be annoyed or dislike me but the other chef dude agreed with the main chef and said i was number one.

today was a hard day. but there were a lot of tiny good things too. im thankful for the kind people in my life and i hope i can be a better person.