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me and my life
2020-06-30 08:02:06 (UTC)

All that negativity

I always had negativity in my life, I have been living it from past 30 yrs my father, a filth person, who does nothing but loves self and demean us, doesn't count on us and a gutter mouth. How can anyone can be so selfish, mean and cruel. How on this earth can anyone be so bad extreme of bad and still good in life, lucky, blessed and gods fav child. It's strange.
And the ones who is good is suffering my mom.
Monku and i talking daily but platonic. He is apologizing but i dnt feel the same for him I donno. Actually, just talking for a sake. I just feel that life is gonna be same negative and not privileged. Everything is destroyed like beyond repair in every manner job, money, life, marriage, future plans. God how will it be fine ever.