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2020-06-29 17:46:32 (UTC)

Camping part 2. Humbled by good hearts 🥰

I find it that I like to observe people's hearts. I try to see which ones are good and which ones need work. In a way, it helps me self assess myself to improve. Well, last weekend, I have to say I was humbled by the goodness in people. It was a decent group camping event. We had about 40ish people camping. Heidi reserve 7 single camp sites all in a row so we were sort of lined up with about 6 or 7 people per site.

It's funny and heartwarming that kiddos from 13-17 would just come and hang out with me a times by themselves either at the campsite tables, beach area, or during the hike would just walk side by side with me and we actually have some fun discussions about school, latest teen trends, and me teasingly giving them hints on how to get their parents to get them highlights, cars, or whatever it is teens are into. A couple of them I see at the lake and politely say if they want to go kayaking with me and they just say "sure and grab a kayak". I mean the lake is only about 150 ft deep. lol.

The parents are cool with it too. Felt like the trust was just all there and I was so humbled by people not acting the weird way were are now seeing on social media. The teens and kiddos don't even blink when I'm around and act like I'm their uncle. It's so humbling that they all are so cool to me and how people's hearts are actually much better than perceived.

Then of course the icing on the cake is my tribe that i brought over with me. I already knew my Superstar was cool but I didn't know her older Sister and younger brother. I have never met a family as kind hearted and just have such a kind demeanor in them. Remember the show the Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, or the Cosby's? Well, they blow all those cool TV families out of the water!!

This weekend was a weekend of gratitude. Gratitude that I have such great friends. The love that are in those souls are so unreal. I even felt sort of ashamed and underserving at times on how nice they were. Superstar's older Sister is very quiet and so low key but she was chatting with me starting conversations. Not something a shy person does. The younger boy? He too was talkative and you know I actually put them in a difficult situation where they knew no-one yet, they socialized and made friends in less than a day.

On Friday night as we were hauling our kayaks back up to our campsite, I noticed one of the campsites had a wall of firewood. We didn't bring any and the camp site manager sells them for like $8 for 4 pieces. Not happening! I greeted them, said hi, made small talk, then I asked if they wouldn't mind selling us some firewood.They asked how much and I said just a few. lol They were a little reluctant but said ok to me. I tried to smile as much as I could to kiss butt.

So what did I do? After we got our kayaks back to camp, I sent my two blue eyed blond angels (Superstar and her Sister) to go there and buy $20 in firewood from them. I then asked some of my adult friends if we could borrow their sons to go help hauling the firewood back up. So part one was the Angels strike a deal to get $20 in firewood. Then they'd come back up and I'd send all the boys to help. We ended up with 40 pieces for $20 bucks. I laughed and had to shake my head smiling when Superstar came back with all that firewall feeling like the triumphant sneaky mastermind. Apparently, the people with the firewood spoke Russian and my tribe can speak Russian too so we got even more firewood than what we would have gotten originally. haha.

Like I mentioned earlier, I didn't even have to do much. I couldn't because the two Sisters just took over prepping, cooking, and cleaning. So I just kicked back and poured some wine and just hung with them. Everyone made rounds to come over to say hi. So yeah, I just chatted with them while the two were doing their thing cooking and stuff.

Heidi caught up with me at the parking lot later on and said she never saw me not cook before and she couldn't believe how I was not doing much of anything. Of course she's always suspicious and said "How come they are helping you?" Haha. I jokingly say "because I just such a cool guy". She wouldn't let it go and said "Did you pay for their camp fees?" But yeah, I did. It wasn't much so no skin off my back. We unloaded our gear and reload our gear when it was time in record time.

Even on our way to camp and the return trip, we were having fun discussions in the truck. Everyone was laughing and the 1.5 hr trip felt like 20 min. Superstar made a comment that I smelled nice and asked what cologne I'm wearing. I told her I'm not wearing cologne and was just wearing deodorant. I of course tell her that she should stop smelling me and accused her in jest that she's a pervert. We all laughed.

Anyway, after the weekend was finally over and we were all safe and sound at home, I realized my scale of good and bad people were off. I have not known good people like this ever! So I now have to raise that bar of what I perceived to be nice a few notches higher. Maybe I thought people like this don't exist nowadays perhaps? Anyway, I know I'm picky as far as the type of woman I'd like to be with one day but now I'm even more pickier. The heart I'm looking for will have traits like the two Sisters I experienced this weekend. I'm so grateful for what I saw and experienced and perhaps one day, I may be lucky enough to find someone like that. Just can't be from the gym though. I still want to keep my gym peeps clean so awesome as these two Sisters are, they are not for me. Too young anyway and I have to say this but they are too good for me regardless of gym or age.

It got a little chilly when we stayed out in the lake near or at Sunset so I had a bandana/face mask for all of them to wear and we posed silly poses with them.