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2020-06-29 08:53:55 (UTC)

Camping trip part 1 😊

Got back from one of the best camping trips I ever experienced. I brought what I call my tribe with me. They were actually my Superstar gym friend, her older Sister and her younger Brother.

We ate so well. Kayaked at the lake. Hiked to Bassi falls, and enjoyed the much needed sunshine and cool fresh pine scented air. Typical campfires at night. Drank wine to mellow out. Chatted with old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Chatted with their kids too that have grown a bit since I last saw them but just like the adults, it's as if we just saw each other yesterday. Kids came over to our camp area and chatted with me again on stupid silly things and only because I was being silly.

The bathroom was a vaulted bathroom so it was kinda gross. There were bats in the bathrooms at night! They were little ones. Maybe about a couple of inches long at the most. Looked like flat rats stuck to the ceiling. We opened the bathroom door to take a look from the outside. Some teens were looking and about to take a pic. Of course, it was me, the big kid deciding to throw a little twig up at the ceiling to stir things up. Made everyone freak out and run outta there. All of us laughing as we ran. I just know that was enough of an incentive not having to go to the bathroom for the rest of the night.

My tribe did almost all the cooking and cleaning of the dishes. I only made the much needed coffee in the morning. I felt like royalty. My Superstar friend was so helpful and nice. Her Sister? Even worse. I thought my Superstar friend was nice? Her older Sister was even nicer and sweeter. You know when you hear someone and you can tell there is just no meaness in them? Just a soft spoken person that probably is so nice they FaceTime with the pope or something on weekends. Their younger brother? He too was a great kid.

We shared a campsite with my old friend. I call her Suzy-homemaker because she is your typical Soccer Mom, do good Mrs Cleaver and not into wild things. Just a typical nice Mommy. I purposely set that up to make sure I keep my goody-goody tribe from mixing with the wilder people in our group. It turned out to be a great idea. We all go along well. Suzy homemaker's kiddos get along with me too so it was a perfect match for all.

Our campsite was quite a ways from the lake so we had to haul our kayaks up and down daily. I have a Hobie kayak so it was brutal going back up to camp. Good thing I hit the gym. Paid off very well. Like when we pull sleds at the gym. The hike to Bassi falls was tough too. My calf muscles were put to the test. Now it's Monday and it's hurting. Camping was a great workout and I actually lost weight!. I think the clean air and vitamin D cleaned up my body a bit (meaning I pooped a lot. haha). I weighed myself when I got home and I was actually down to 161 lbs!! Loved it.