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2020-06-28 15:44:51 (UTC)

Half-Washed: The First Date (3,110 wds)

Half-Washed – The First Date
D’Arc Tangent

Rebecca stood in the shower, holding the shower head in her hands as she rinsed herself off. It had been three months of chatting with Ken on ZOOM, and now that restaurants were allowing patrons in again, this was going to be her first, face to face, in the flesh, date with him. She thought about his soft, brown eyes, and quirky grin when he said something he thought was witty, and she lowered the shower head to blast between her legs. As the water pulsed against her nerve bundle, Becky’s knees started to give out, and she had to brace her free hand against the wall as she struggled against the sensations swelling in her, until finally she pulled the jet away, and turned the water off. She stood naked in the shower for a few minutes she tried to get her strength back before finally stepping out of the shower, toweled off, and blow-dried her hair.

Ken picked up a pair of jeans from his floor, sniffed them, shrugged and slid them on. He found a blue t-shirt, tossed it on the bed, sprayed some body spray on, and slipped into his shirt, ran a comb through his hair, and considered himself passable. It had been three months since he met Becky, and they were going to finally meet, face to face, and he wanted to make sure he made a good impression. Ken grabbed his keys, and left his apartment.

Rebecca stood in front of her full-length mirror as she picked out the various options she had laid on the bed. Yellow skirt and pink top? She shook her head, tossed it to the side. Sleeveless green full-length gown? Again, tossed to the side. Black mini-dress with a floral patter? That was a pass, and she put the dress to the side as she started to dress. She slipped into her black lacey panties, then her garter belt and black lace stockings, and hooked her matching black lace bralette, and looked at herself in the mirror, turning left and right as she admired herself for a moment before slipping on the mini-dress, grabbing her purse, and heading to the restaurant.

“Would you like something to drink while you wait, miss?” The waiter said, seeing Rebecca sitting alone at the small table, and she was about to reply when she saw Ken enter the restaurant.

“No thank you.” She smiled at him, and picked up her glass of water.

Ken approached the table, and held out his hand. “Here’s to first dates.” he said, as he took Becky’s hand in his, and as he sat down Ken added, “You look, amazing.”

Rebecca swallowed her water, put down her glass, and noticing his blue t-shirt was a little stretched out, she said, “And you look, amazingly, comfortable.”

Ken gave her a sheepish smile, that told her he felt embarrassed by the comment, but she did not want to spoil this night, so smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you look relaxed. I like that. You can be yourself.” and her smile had the designated effect, and his sheepish smile turned into his quirky grin again, and her core clenched. When the waiter came by to take their order, she said, “We need a moment.” then turning to Ken, asked, “Are you ready?” to which Ken addressed the waiter and said, “A couple more minutes please.” and Rebecca added, “And can you bring me a glass of your house white?” Then to Ken, “Anything for you?”

“A glass of red.” Ken said to the waiter, who nodded and left.

Red, Becky thought, full bodied. Strong, musky. She thought about kissing Ken after a glass of red wine. The strong heady taste of the grapes on his mouth, on his lips, on his tongue, as she took him in her mouth. As their tongues played with each other and the sensuous pleasures of fermented grapes filled her mind. She could feel herself moistening, and Becky had to cross her legs to quell the sensation building up inside her.

“... and the roasted potatoes. How about you?” Ken asked, as Rebecca slipped out of her fantasy.

“Huh?” she asked, just realizing Ken had been talking to her.

“Steak, sautéed vegetable, and roasted potatoes. What were you thinking of ordering?”

“Oh, uh, lemme see.” Rebecca stuttered as she quickly opened the menu and started to flip through the pages finally stopping and pointing. “The sole steak, saffron rice, and steamed vegetables.: she finally said to the waiter who, until this moment, she did not even know was standing there.

“Very well miss.” the waiter said as he gathered the menus and left.

“Still working from home?” Ken asked

Rebecca stared at his mouth, watching the way his lips moved, the way his tongue slipped between his teeth, and the way the corners of his mouth curled up when he smiled, and she was just marginally aware that he asked her a question. “Oh, work, yes, yes. I am still at home. Easier that way. The books get e-mailed, I edit them, and send them back. Never was a real reason for me to drive downtown for my job.”

“Same here.” Ken added, “Just send me the data, let me crunch the numbers, and I’ll get back to you. I do not need a face to face meet to impart my results. Seriously, this is the 21st Century. We are supposed to have flying cars, robot maids, and a paperless office. Can we at least pretend we are making headway?”

Rebecca only heard about half of what Ken had said. She was watching his mouth, and those lips, moving, soft, plump. She could see his tongue slip between his lips as he talked, and each time that little pink muscle protruded from his lips, she imagined where else it could go. Her mind started to wander again. She could feel his tongue between her legs, moving in and out, circling her tender little nub. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest when Ken said, “Are you alright?”

As the question moved through the fog in her mind to register that he was talking to her, she snapped back to reality, pulling her fingers out from between her legs that she did not even realize she was doing. “Oh, sorry, what?” Rebecca asked.

“Are you alright? You looked like you were spacing out, and you looked a little feverish. Are you sure you are alright?”

“Oh, yeah, uh, that. Sorry, I was so caught up in your story, I just sorta zoned out for a moment, but yeah, I’m alright, but do you mind if …" and before she could finish, the waiter showed up with their meals, and turning to him said, “Can we get these to go?”

“You want to go home?” Ken said, his head drooping in defeat.

“Yes, yes I do.” she said, but then quickly added, “It’s not what you think, really, it is not.” and as the waiter placed the carry out bag before them, Rebecca said, “It’s on me.” and paid the bill, grabbed the bag, and Ken’s hand, and pulled him to the door and out to her car.

“But, my car?” Ken said as he was quickly being pulled away from his vehicle.

“You can come back for it in the morning.” Rebecca said as she unlocked the doors to her car and opened it for him.

Ken wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but the gist of the moment was coalescing in his mind and he climbed into the car next to Rebecca. Her mini dress rode up her leg as she climbed in, revealing the black lace stocking and the end of the garter belt holding them up, and just before her leg disappeared under her mini dress, he could see a small bit of the creamy flesh of her thigh, and if the thoughts of what he suspected was happening wasn’t enough, the sight of her pale flesh, and garter definitely had an impact between his legs. Unbidden, he reached his hand across the space between them and cupped her knee with his hand. In response, Rebecca shifted gears, gunning the motor and the car lurched forward, Ken’s hand slipping back along her leg and Rebecca smiled as they sped through the traffic to her apartment.

Ken was awestruck when he entered Rebecca’s apartment. It was a spacious, open area concept, bright and modern, and as he was about to comment on how beautiful it was, but as he turned to speak, he found Becky’s lips on his. Her hunger was evident, and he had no desire to stave off that hunger, and instead, wrapped his fingers in her hair and held her close to him as they kissed. Rebecca’s hands were warm on his skin as he could feel his shirt pulling up his chest, and he was forced to break off the kiss as Becky pulled his shirt up over his head.

Ken watched the shirt fall to floor, almost in a daze. It was floating, in slow motion, like in a dream, and as he turned to look at Becky for an explanation as to what was happening, he could see her floral print mini dress, slowly sliding down her body. Again, in the surreal action of a dream, he could see every minute detail of the action. Her hands were pulling back from her neck, where she had undone the clasp holding her dress. Slowly, the arms pulled free from her shoulders, and slid off one shoulder, then the next, then slowly over her breasts. He was vaguely aware of her tugging along the sides of her dress, helping it down her body, but he was fixated on the two gorgeous mounds encase in black lace, the bright pink areola peeking over the lace, barely covering the two little pebbles of her nipples. Like a time-lapse photo, the dress moved over her breasts, down her stomach, flat and smooth, down to her hips, and in the same surreal motion, Becky slipped the dress over her hips to pool at her feet. Ken took note of the strappy little open toe shoes, her black lace stocking, moving up her legs to the garters, and the little lace panties and his arousal at this view was now far more evident than he was comfortable with.

Rebecca watched as the bulge in Ken’s pants became more and more pronounced, and she dropped to her knees, pulling open his belt, and undoing the button on his jeans. Ken looked down to see the top of her curly brown hair, as she worked at his pants, then was suddenly aware of the gentle warmth of her hands on his manhood, pulling him free as his pants slid down his legs, then warm wetness covering the head of his cock and his legs started to feel weak. He was now explicitly aware of her mouth and hands moving up and down his shaft, and his shaft, too, was getting harder when Becky pulled away and stood up.

“We are not going to waste that,” she said, softly stroking the tip to see it twitch under her fingers, then she took his hand and led him to her bedroom, as he tried to extricate himself from his pants and underwear.

Rebecca’s panties barely covered her ass, and the sight of her ass jiggling with each step was again arousing him even further. “Oh god, I don’t know how much more I can take.” he thought to himself as Rebecca laid on her bed, legs bent and spread as she looked at him and said, “Do you need more of an invitation?”

Ken took her shoes off, and dropped them to the floor, and ran his hands up her legs until he reached the clips of her garters, unhooking each one before rolling her stocking down her legs. He could see her glistening under the tiny lace panties as he did so, and once both stockings were in a bundle on the floor, Ken reached up to her panties as Becky lifted her hips up to allow him to remove the thin lace.

Ken kneeled before her bed, and pushed her legs further apart, moving his head between her legs, his tongue licking along the wet slit between her legs, then around the tender nub of her clitoris, an action that elicited a shudder of delight from Becky. Focusing his tongue on her clit, Ken slid two fingers into her vagina, wiggling them for stimulation, probing for that special spot that would cause Becky to go …

“Mmm, fuck, yeah, right there.” Becky moaned. “God Ken, I need you in me. Get up here and fuck me proper.”

Rebecca unhooked her bra, as she moved further onto the bed to make room for Ken. As he climbed onto the bed to join her, Becky slipped the bra over his head, capturing him in the lace, and pulled his head down to her breasts. Beautifully perky little B-Cups, with pink little areola’s and pebbled nipples met his mouth, and tongue, and Ken sucked on the perky tits as he moved his manhood into position between her legs. Becky gasped as he slid himself into her, and arched her back, thrusting her breast into Ken’s mouth as his hands grasped her ass and held her body to him.

Rebecca bit her lower lip as Ken filled her so completely. It has been over a year since anyone has filled her need in this manner, and her hunger for it was self-evident. As Ken started to thrust into her, maintaining his sucking on her breast, Becky’s breathing was getting ragged, but the desire in her was building. She wrapped her arms around Ken and started to roll her body, putting Ken under her now as she sat up, pulling her breasts from his mouth, she rode him like a bronco. Rebecca grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts as she continued to move her body along his cock, massaging him, bringing him to the point of release. Rebecca could feel him stiffening more, his cock twitching, wanting to release, and she stopped, leaning forward to kiss him hot and hot on the mouth.

Ken’s manhood was warm, nestled deep inside Becky, but without stimulation, he could feel it softening, but Becky’s lips on his was amazing. Her tits, under his fingers were soft and pliable, and every time he ran his thumbs over her nipples she gasped again. He was afraid he would lose his erection when Becky started to move again, slowly at first, and he could feel his cock stiffening again, and as it continued to grow, Becky moved more. Moved harder. Moved faster and fast, using her hips to excite him more and more until he could tell she was close, and he knew he was close, and then, with a searing bolt of white light through his mind, Ken exploded into Becky, her body shook with the pleasure, and she screamed out, “Oh my fucking god, yeah. Fuck yes, fuck.” and she collapsed onto Ken’s body, convulsing from the pleasure, but not wanting to let him out of her just yet.

Rebecca kissed him once more. Tenderly. Longingly, and stroked his face as she smiled at him.

“Fuck was that ever good Ken. Thank you. I so fucking needed that.”

“You kinda made that obvious at the restaurant.” Ken said, smiling, “I am just glad I was able to satisfy you.”

“Oh that you did baby.” she said. “You are very good. Fingers, tongue …" then looking down between her legs, where Ken’s cock was still inside her, “Well, let me just say, this may have been our first date, but there is no way it is going to be our last.”

“Oh god, thank you. When I showed up tonight, I was sure THIS was not going to happen, and not just because it was our first date, but …"

“Yeah, the shirt. You gotta do something about that. Every try like Downey or something to keep the shape?”

“Speaking of keeping the shape.” Ken said, as he could feel his dick softening and pulling out of Becky, followed by a mass of creamy white semen.

“Looks like we need to take a shower.” Rebecca said, and the two of them moved to the ensuite shower.

Rebecca started the shower, and when it was a comfortably warm temperature, they both got in. The warm jets were beautiful on their tingling sweat soaked bodies, Ken took a handful of shower gel and proceeded to wash Becky, his hands gentle, but firm, as they caressed her body, cupping her breasts, and running down between her legs. Becky turned to face the wall of the shower and spread her legs, and Ken was not going to ignore such an invitation. His virility returning, he plumbed the depths of Becky’s pussy, using his thumbs to open her up to receive him, and he thrust hard and deep. Pushing himself to the balls into her, he thrust, hard, again, and again, and Becky bit her lower lip as he drove himself into her, and she had to hold onto the wall mounted shower controls to keep herself up. Tears began to fall from her as he thrust into her over and over again until finally letting out a primal scream as he released himself once more into her.

Rebecca could not stand up any more. She was spent. Sore. She slowly lowered herself to the shower floor, water spraying over her head as she tried to wrap her mind around the incredible pleasure she was feeling as Ken turned off the water, and pulled a towel off the rack for her.

“That.” Becky tried to say, “That. That was incredible.” and she hugged Ken’s legs, trying to stop her body from shaking as Ken wrapped a towel around her and tried to help her up

“Come on, let’s get you dried, and have our dinner. I think you might need to bring your strength up.” Ken said, as he helped Becky up to her feet again.

Becky heated the dinners up, and the two of them sat at the table, naked, eating their dinner, and now that her lust had finally abated, the two had the conversations they tried to have in the restaurant. They finished talking, and eating, put the dishes in the sink, and went back to bed. This was going to be a wonderful night.