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2020-06-28 04:19:17 (UTC)

17, 000 ft soon.

My Son's perfect graduation gift... go skydiving with me. I have a couple of days to set a day and make a downpayment if only I can get a vihicle to be able to drive there ourselves. 17,000 feet in one minute sounds like a once in a life time expirience to me. Don't you think so?
I will let things sourt out by themswlves and hope for the best. But something tells me I will let go of all this baggage the moment we jump out that plane.
All I can think of is how lucky I am to have my son do this with me. A yr ago my youngest brother was going to come jump with me, but him being 6'6 waa a little bit of a concern for the instructors. However he managed to go to vegas and do the jump.
So last detail to figure out and maybe next week all be telling u all about one more thing to cross off my bucket list.
Good night.