from my heart
2020-06-27 19:54:51 (UTC)

push your pride aside

8:55 pm
i need to be more understanding. i need to stay patient. i need to be more loving. i need to be happy for my boyfriend because its his birthday today. i shouldnt be negative out of all days today because its his special day.

but im sad. im so tired today because work was so tiring. till 6 o clock i had to handle everything by myself. from taking customers to their seats, planning on where to sit the next customers, packing the take outs, answering phone calls, and making drinks.. usually my boss is here to help but today i was all alone. and i know this sounds so stupid to be honest. it doesnt even sound hard when i say it out loud but it was. there were servers coming up to me asking questions all at once and so much on my mind. no time to drink water.

im sad though because i feel like jinsol is being distant with me. and its so fricking annoying if im being honest about it. the more i think about it the more upset i feel because shes posting on twitter and snapchat how shes sad or upset. and whenever i message her shes being dry with me and says shes okay. i know i should be more understanding and just let her be but why am i so sensitive. im feeling so terrible. i guess it just hurts when your best friend is sad and they wont go to you about it. as a friend i should be more understanding but im just being so tired too.

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