Life On The Line
2020-06-26 20:48:54 (UTC)

Feeling Lost

My heart is broken, over a week ago now, my best friend, boyfriend, soulmate left me. I haven't heard a peep off him. It's the 4th time it's happened and obviously the last time was the last. It breaks me. We both said last time was the last time, I meant it... at the time but now I keep thinking I have lost the best person to of ever happened to me, he made me so happy, made me feel so special but it was me that couldn't make him happy. I'm not sure he loved me, I'm not sure if he was just settling.. I'm so unsure of everything we had together.

I should just move on, not give a shit like he has but I know, I will never find anyone else like him and that isn't a bad thing because he was just so amazing in every way, everything I wanted and it's gone, like in a puff of smoke, gone.

I have no-one to talk to anymore, he was who I shared my stuff to and now nothing. He's gonna make someone else so very happy and someone is going to make him happy and I will forever regret ever losing him. I never understood why he was with me.