Do Not Disturb

2020-06-26 20:23:54 (UTC)

We hung out yesterday...

He took me to Books A Million because I've been talking about it forever and plus, he promised even though after the fact that he hurted me really bad and went back out with his girlfriend not yesterday but Wednsday after I got off work and he picked me up and that they was on a break with for MONTHS shows he was never interested in me and only wanted me for sex and I let that hapoened because it all felt good when he kissed me, held me, everything. He says that's not the reason but I know what the reason was and that was the reason. He says that he thought about it but he didn't and even if, he did he would've talked to me about it and we did talk about it all day yesterday but it still just hurts to think about it. And here I am still texting him and stuff when I should've been blocked him. My mom doesn't even know what's going on herself and she to would've made me block him and never talk to him again. I don't know. I'm hurting myself even more by talking to him and hanging out with him.

Why do I keep getting myself into this situation ?

I don't know what to do anymore.


- A

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